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Micron 9 range report

After a few glitches breaking in and a trigger tune up, I had a great day today with the stainless Micro 9.

I shot over 100 rounds with out a problem of any kind. I shot groups of Remington 115, 124 and 147 FMJ. Total of 15 each.

I shot 50 reloads. Mixed brass, all 115 Powder coated round nose. 1/2 were 4.5 grains WW 231, the other half were 4.9 grains, Loaded to an OAL of 1.150"

I used the laser and rested my for arms on some sand bags. It was cold and windy.

Here are the best targets.
Distance was 10 Yards
The red dot on the target is where I tried to hold the laser. Did not have the adjusting tool with me today.

15 shots Remington Flat nose 147

7 shots

7 shots Hand load, 115 Powder coated.

Really happy with the day.
I have now passed 500 rounds.
Its loaded with the 147 Critical Defense.

The girlfriend shot her Micron Carry 380 with Laser Grips today too. She fired 75 rounds all trouble free, all reloads.,

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Nice shooting, congratulations !
I'm a 1911 addict -- GI CCO 9mm, WC Sentinel Compact 9mm, WC ULCC 9mm, WC Professional 38 super, WC Stealth 38 super, WC Bobtail Professional 9mm, DW CCO 38 super, DW CBOB 38 super, Kimber Ultra Aegis 9mm and a little Sig P938
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Another trip

Went to the range again. Zeroed the laser to 25 yards.

I had to drift the sight to the left twice. Its now right on at 25 yards,

Fired all kinds of hand loads. 115 grain coated lead bullets at a moderate velocity, Some 124 grain Nosler hollow points at moderate, high, and highest velocity.

NO malfunctions. Everything worked perfect. I am truly satisfied with this Micro 9.

700 rounds, the last 200 no problems of any kind.

Groups were finally small. Quite a few one holers @ 7 yards.

It seems the faster they go, then tighter the group. Especially the 124 Hollow points.

No chronograph, but I think the hottest Hollow points are in the + P
velocity zone even though I am .1 under max load for non +P using Nosler loading data. I could see flash coming out of the port.

Loving every minute of it.

Got a little blood from the safety digging into my thumb.

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nice report!

Where freedom dwells is my country!

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curious whats your trigger tune up
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If I post it here, I will burn in Hades.

First there was 32 ounces in the trigger return spring alone. I reduced that with a lighter spring.

Next the sear was crooked, as in on an angle with the hammer hooks. Looking down into the port, slide back, holding hammer and trigger back, you could see the top of the sear and hammer.

It had a lot of creep, like move a little, stop, move a little stop, hit a wall, then break about 9? pounds.

I trued the sear to the hammer. I adjusted the sear spring so it sat square in the gun. The sear hole is bigger than the pin, so its a little loose. I adjusted the sear springs so it helped it sit square to the hammer.

Now I have a 5 lb pull with no creep at all.

Trying to post some pictures.

The trigger is pulled and safety on so hammer stays. Sear is out of engagement. You are looking at the end that engages in the hammer.
See the gap?

You can even see the small mark on my thumb from hot loads.


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Pics of the sear

It's hard to see, but in the second picture the hole for the pin is egg shaped.

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And the crown.

Difficult to photograph, but some of the rifling does not make it to the end of the barrel.

Barrel rotated 180*

I hope they will fix it.

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Well, I sent it back.

They said the sear had been worked on by a third party and would not warranty the gun. Yes, I tried to make it work my self first.

It was returned in the same condition I sent it to them.

I replaced the sear with one from a Sig P938.

I chucked the barrel in my lathe, back bored it until the rifling was good and re crowned it.
The sight is now in the middle of the gun again instead of way to the left.

I am now shooting the gun again.

I would like a KIMBER sear, but don't know if I can buy one.


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