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Doesnít happen on my 938... but its not a problem just with Kimber and others. Its exactly what I mentioned. Itís the mag. Clean it up from any burs and rough spots. Should be good.

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Had the same issue with my Sr1911 9mm with the factory mags. Bought Wilson Combat Mags. and the problem went away.
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Pretty sure not mag issue , at least with mine. Mags new OEM, clean, wiped down inside with silicone gun wipe that should snag on any burrs. Have totally disassembled and checked all components, rechecked to make sure properly assembled. Just took mag out and did not have round fall out, noticed top round is slightly forward. Old habit of "heeling" 1911 style mags is kind of a mindset/muscle memory.
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Be sure the feed lips on the magazines are not flared out to wide. A couple times brand new magazines right out of the package I have had to take some needle nose and adjust.
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Hey, I came across this forum because I had the same problem of racking the slide to chamber a round, then removing the magazine to top it off with another round, and a round would pop out of the magazine when taking it out of the pistol.
I just wanted to add that what helped a ton for me is switching ammo. I was using Hornady Critical Defense, and a round would pop out every single time and it was really annoying. When I tried switching to Sig Sauer Elite Performance 147 grain V-Crown JHP the issue went away entirely. It never pops a round out of the magazine with that ammo. Different brands/types also probably work well; I think the Critical Defense is particularly prone to this particular problem.
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Welcome to the forum Kempy, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership.
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Originally Posted by bhunted View Post
Doesnít happen on my 938... but its not a problem just with Kimber and others.
I haven't experienced it on my Kimber either.

They have mentioned it happening with a 9x19mm round. Could it be that the slight tapering of that case is enough for the front of the feed lips to let the entire cartridge slip?

I had an SW 639, and all the rounds, no matter what the bullet shape or commercial round or handload, never dropped out.
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My M9 does that no matter how many rounds are left in the magazine. I think that after you chamber around the movement of the slide going forward actually pre-stages the next round a little bit. And when you pull the magazine out the nose catches on the feed ramp and flips it up and out of the magazine. So confirming I experience the same thing.
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Originally Posted by bluzman View Post
The very same thing happens with the Sig P938 and the solution described in the Sig forums is the same one as posted by Marshall.
My P938 did that too. Never seemed to cause a functioning problem, but it was annoying.
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