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Ammunition Selection

What does everyone use for their defense ammunition?

I plan on qualifying with mine as a secondary weapon and my agency only allows Speer Gold Dot. As such my choice has been made for me, but we've....seen good results with it.
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I use Remington Golden Saber, Federal HST and Speer Gold-Dot.
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My SD ammo is Winchester Ranger T 230 gr. JHP
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Currently using Winchester Silvertips but have tried Speer Gold Dot.

Always test about 12 or 14 Speer Bonded +P hollow points for function.
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I use Winchester PDX1 in all my pistols. Great expansion and very accurate.
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Gold Dot 124+p, functions flawless
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+P Reloads. Inceptor ARX Polymer bullets, 1500 fps, low recoil, very accurate
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You can't do much better than Gold Dots in real life. My PD has carried Gold Dots since we switched to .40's in 1993 yes they work.

I am also very partial to Golden Sabers.
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SD ammo selection is a personal choice. Whatever you choose, make sure it functions properly and consistently in your firearm, is some kind of "expanding" round, and is affordable enough for you to be able to put a box or two down range at least a few times per year. Practicing with FMJ "target" ammo is o.k., but you should practice with your SD ammo as well to ensure that it functions properly in your firearm and you're able to hit your target.

From a personal perspective, I'm a fan of Speer Gold Dot 124 grain ammo. It's a round that I'm comfortable with, is readily available and is widely used by local LE (which tells me that it should be adequate to do the job it's intended for). As I said earlier, ammo selection is a personal choice. YOU will be the one who should ultimately decide what you carry for SD.
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right now I use Critical Defense 115 gr, but will be switching over to Winchester 147 gr. Defend ammo.
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