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How Long Before Shooting Reloads

I bought a new Micro 9 Crimson Carry on Friday. Shot 98 rounds of factory ammo yesterday. According to my owner’s manual, reloaded or even remanufactured ammo voids the warranty...such as it is.

I realized a lifelong goal this year and starting loading my own ammo. So far, 9mm, 45ACP, and 380ACP. This allows me to tune my loads to my own firearms, while also getting to shoot a lot more.

My question is...for those reloading your own ammo, how long did you wait before using it in your Micro 9, or any other Kimber for that matter?
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And Who's gonna tell them it was reloads? I don't buy factory ammo, mines better and more consistent. Don't worry about it, as far as they know you were using Federal or Remington!

Also if you have ammo related damage to any gun the manufacturer isn't going to warranty it anyways. They'll tell you take it up with the ammo manufacturer. They only warranty the manufacturing and assembly's they produce not other manufacturers mistakes.

So don't worry about it and grab some good remanufactured ammo from Great Lakes Ammo or Freedom Munitions and bang away.
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About one mag.
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reload away
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As I wrote this post I was thinking, “this may be a rhetorical question”, as I pretty much anticipated the answers I got. So far, even when I made a few mistakes, I haven’t done anything to damage, or even treat badly my guns.

My abundance of caution was brought on by some issues with a small 1911-380 I bought a few months ago. If there was supposed to be a “break-in period” I sure didn’t wait. But then, I didn’t spend as much on it as I did my Kimber.

Thanks for the go-ahead to shoot reloads, which I intend to do later this week.
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Every new Kimber I own has been broken in with Freedom Munitions Reloads.
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Shot some of my own loads in my Micro 9 today. So I guess I can say shoot 98 rounds of factory...then do your own thing. I really like this gun. It may take a while to get over the sheer joy of shooting this pistol. About the time I do I’ll likely be out shooting again.
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Fire away if you got them smoke them...
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I fired reloads--and only reloads--for a spate of almost 30 years. That goes for the ARs, too.
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I have guns in my safe I've owned for 40 years, many have never had a factory round through them, especially my rifles.

I've never found a factory rifle load that could come close to the accuracy of my handloads. Four of my varmint rifles shoot groups at 100 yds that measure under .200".....ain't no factory load comin' close to that!
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