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Failure to fire?

This is a new one on me. I have mentioned previously of the hard trigger pull. My trigger gauge goes to 8 pounds and when I tried to measure the pull right after I got it, the gauge would bottom out and I still had to pull quite hard to drop the hammer. I'm guessing about 12-13 pounds pull. Fast forward, after 350 rounds the gauge doesn't bottom out any more. I am guessing it is now around 9 pounds to release the hammer.

Last night at the range it failed to fire. The first time it happened, I cocked the hammer, pulled the trigger and it went bang! The next time, I looked at the hammer and it was stopped at the safety notch. This happened two more additional times.

I am speculating I was pulling the trigger quite slow and that's when it would catch on the safety notch. I have never had this happen before on any of my pistols. 200 hundred more rounds and if the trigger has not smoothed to 8 pounds, I will be calling Kimber.
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