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micro 9 cdp

A while back I posted my experience with my micro 380 cdp. Today I took my micro 9 cdp and my new dan wesson 9mm eco to the range. I won't bore you with the dan wesson, it shot perfect for 100 rounds. The micro 9 cdp had many failure to return to battery. I had to constantly smack the slide to return to battery. I was using hornady 115 American gunner ammo and blazer brass 124 grn. When I returned home I cleaned and lubed which I did before going to the range. I did polish the feed ramp and barrel throat. Hopefully next outing will be better or it's off to the mother ship. My kimber solos actually shot better in my opinion. The micro 380 was also a pleasure with no failures. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
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Keep us posted.
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Do you have the newer flat wire recoil spring or the older round wire? If it's the older one call Kimber and they should send you a new recoil spring and guide rod.

Break the gun down and strip out the slide, work the slide on the frame, does it feel smooth? If not get some white toothpaste, not gel, apply it to the rails and reinstall the slide on the frame. Work the slide on the frame about 100 times. Clean the toothpaste off the frame and slide, lube it and see if that helped smooth things out. If it's still not where you want it repeat the process. Don't worry about over doing it, I've been brushing my teeth with the stuff for 75 years and I haven't worn them out yet.
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This on e has the flat wire recoil spring, the slide moves easily on the frame. I'm using mil co mm 300, its a cross between oil n grease. Actually like heavy oil, I've been using it on all my kimbers and others with great results. I really think it was the barrel throat. After I polished it I could easily drop a shell I the chamber . It's raining here today and I usually go to the range on Monday mornings so ill see how it goes next week. Thanks for the tips Chuck, you always give great knowledge. I read the toothpaste one a while back when you posted it n it crossed my mind . Like I said slide is smooth like butter. Continued next week.
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Update on my micro 9 cdp. After polishing the feed ramp and barrel throat all is good. No more failure to go into battery after 50 rounds.
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