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Round 2 Range Report - Micro 9

Got to the range again this weekend to get some more time w/the new Micro 9.

Recap from Round 1 (300 rounds 115gr): Had some FTFs w/Kimber 7rnd Magazine, Sig 7rnd worked great. Called Kimber, they sent me a new magazine. I took the original magazine that had the issues and stretched the spring a little, cleaned it up with some Pro Shot 1 Step CLP and wiped it dry after (stuff is supposed to bond to the metal and not be "wet"... more on this later). All magazines functioned properly.

Round 2 (250 rounds 124gr): Great day! Every thing straightened itself out. I did limp wrist a few rounds which caused a few FTE's... but when I focused on push/pull that gun rocked! Reacquired target quick. Love this little gun! I did do a little polishing on the feed ramp and chamber before today, so maybe that helped too?!

I know everyone says to run these guns really wet. After a visit to my LGS and spending some time with the old timer gunsmith there - I noticed he was using this little needle applicator for his lube - Pro Shot 1 Step CLP. So based on his rave about the product I bought a little bottle (figured it was only $6). Based on the way he applied it - a small bottle will go a loooonnng way!

Anyway, I cleaned my gun and used the 1 Step prior to going to the range today. It is supposed to "bond" to the metal and in appearance looks pretty darn dry. So to the naked eye, the gun looked the opposite of "wet-wet-wet" which is the way folks are recommending to run these Micro 9's. I'm sold on the stuff so far. The stuff worked GREAT. Gun worked great, wasn't all wet, cleaning afterwards was easier than last time. I had even traded some e-mails with the company earlier in the week. They were very helpful and responded within a day. Family owned business here in the US and this is what they do.

Anyway - bottom line is - Love the Micro 9!!
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Glad to hear everything is working out.
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Good for you...nothing like a good runnin gun.
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Great to hear! "Run it Wet" don't mean lube is running down your arm!!
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
Great to hear! "Run it Wet" don't mean lube is running down your arm!!
Haha, yeah I got that... but what "Run it wet" really is - seems subjective for sure. I envision running it wet to mean that if I take the slide off, I see the lube hanging out with it wet enough to show up like a sheen sitting there. This stuff is not like that at all.
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Can't wait for mine to come back from repair. Due in tomorrow!
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