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Oh, I thought you meant you had figured out the mods for the Kimber mags. Shucks! I really like the size and shape of the Kimber 7rd. It fits my hand just right and conceals better than any handgun I've ever tried.
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I do use a Kimber 7-round in the Micro .380, but I put 8 rounds in it.

I prefer the feel of the Sig P290 in the Micro 9, which is why I use it instead of the 8-round Kimber. I would expect that similar adjustments would work in the Kimber 7-round and 8-round mags for the Micro 9, but haven't tried it. The problem is in the mags, not the guns.
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Well, I received the Angle Fire rounds (bullet made by Fort Scott). The package says "Anglefire Ammunitions 9mm TUI 125gr". They are a solid pointed copper defensive round that tumbles upon impact (makes quite a nasty cavity in the testing videos I watched).

These are 125gr and apparently subsonic. The whole intent was to find a round that resolved my occasional FTFs where the nose of the bullet would get hung up on the feed ramp but only when the 7rnd magazine was full. Subsequent rounds always seem to chamber fine.

I did my normal dry testing of 20 magazine loading tests. Took a fully loaded 7rnd magazine plus one in the chamber and dry manipulated the slide to feed the top round of a full magazine in. Then would reload the 7rnd magazine to full capacity and do it again (20 times total). When I would do this with hollow points, I would get 1-2 FTFs out of the 20 and I would also sense/feel 2 additional loadings that "stumbled" a little bit but managed to chamber anyway.

The results for this round were perfect. There were absolutely no FTFs, no "stumbles", everything chambered very smoothly. You could actually feel the increased smoothness of the round being chambered.

I have not fired them yet, but will soon to see how POA/POI is. At this point, I'm back to being "ok" with carrying 7+1 versus me taking my 7rnd magazine and carrying 6+1 (to mitigate the FTFs).

Just a side note... Anglefire is closing out their remaining inventory for this round (normally $22 for 20 rounds, priced at $13 till they're gone). Fort Scott will continue to carry this round though (but at full price).
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