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Best Bullet Weight for Micro 9 Reloads

After happily carrying a Sig P238 for 8 years, I have replaced it with a Micro 9, which is almost the same size and obviates the need to reload both for 380 and for 9mm.

I have so far tried 124g, 115g, and 100g bullets, all with W231. The 100's were an experiment - I had a LOT of the right-diameter 100g bullets and thought they may provide more zip and less recoil in the Micro 9. I don't see any change in the recoil, and accuracy is less, though that could of course be me.

Any consensus on what is the best bullet weight for the Micro 9? (For accuracy first, then for recoil...).

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Best Bullet Weight for Micro 9 Reloads

I like the SNS hard cast Coated 124 grain round nose with 4.2 grains of W231. Runs real well and very accurate. My Solo loves em.

P.S. my Micro 9 loves them also, recoil is very controllable.

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