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Micro 9 - Another Range Report (FTF or No???)

I know... the first picture isn't my Micro 9... but it was with me on my trip to the range in order to sight in the new reflex site after having the slide milled (Classic Stainless 45, Late 1990's vintage).

Anyway, it was the first time I had the Micro 9 back to the range after installing the heavier (22lb) Galloway recoil spring as well as using my new duty ammo - Fort Scott Munitions™ 9MM TUI™ 125gr (subsonic). The reasoning to going to this ammo was to see if it would do away with the occasional FTF other ammo was having (very much talked about w/the Micro 9's). This ammo is "pointed" like a rifle round... it's pretty cool (and doesn't get hung up on the feed ramp). The heavier spring did seem to lessen the recoil, all was pleasant.

End result - 100% success with full 7+1 down range with the new defensive ammo. I put some ball ammo in to begin with and had a FTF right off the bat... it's always the top (7th) round when doing 7+1. I did 6+1 with ball ammo and had a 100% success with ball ammo.

So the new defensive rounds have proven themselves to my satisfaction. And accuracy was better than I - they were great there too.

The other Kimber below seems to always shoot flawlessly. Sighted in the Reflex sight and it was a true joy! I got the suppressor for my CZ Scorpion (9mm Carbine) but thought I'd run it on the 45 too just to see what it was like. Just puts a smile on your face. Sounded like a pneumatic nail gun.
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Great news. Shooting my 90's Classic Stainless at the range got me into USPSA when a guy came up to me and said, "you oughta try this competition match on Saturday."

I suck at "fast" being 71, but the 5" series 70 Kimber made me look good. Glad you're enjoying it with the reflex sight!

I could never have mine milled or otherwise modified, but I may sell it because it has become a safe queen and I'm now focusing on ones I carry and shoot.
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Yes, I hear ya. It took me a bit to go and mill it. I have no safe queens, they all get used. I asked myself- why not mill it. I don't care about the next individuals preference (when it's handed down or sold upon my being "retired"). I'm gonna have this one till I die and dammit gonna shoot it the way I want. So milled it is.

The gun has had trigger work and is a hair over a 2.5lb pull. I absolutely love this gun. Carried it awhile during my LEO days.
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