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First time range report


I took my new Micro 9 stainless to the range and fired it for the first time yesterday, putting 150 rounds of American Eagle 115gr FMJ through it. Some reflections from from a long-time Gold Cup and Detonics shooter:

1). Reliability was 100% apart from a single FTF due to failing to insert the magazine fully, a pleasant surprise.

2). Recoil was quite manageable, but it became more ‘snappy’ as the magazine was emptied because of the relatively light frame and heavy slide/barrel.

3). I experienced a couple of instances of very slow cycling, which was exceptionally weird. Normally, the cycling function is extremely fast. On a few occasions, the slide move noticeably more slowly, paused at the rear of its travel, then relatively slowly moved forward. It functioned perfectly, but the total cycle time was at least 3x-4x greater than normal. The gun was well-lubricated with FP-10.

4). Groups were centered side-to-side but it hits about 5 inches above point of aim at 15 yards, which is somewhat disappointing. It shoots ‘minute of mugger’ at 15 yards but groups opened up dramatically at 25 yards, to the point where it became embarrassing. I attribute this to....

5). The trigger pull is abysmal. I was shocked at how bad it was—heavy, creepy, long. I’m used to my Gold Cup (and S&W revolvers, and Auto Mags), all of which have exquisite trigger pulls. I recognize that this thing is no Gold Cup, but the pull should certainly be better than it is. I am hoping that it wears in and improves, but I’m not optimistic. Surely there must be a way to improve it?

6). It seems to want to throw brass in all directions. I have a preposterous brass catcher (it takes so much work to form 357 Auto Mag brass that I treasure each case more than Gollum cares about his Ring), but more than half the Micro 9 brass failed to make it inside. Often it would go straight up, or forward, or smack me in the forehead. I’m used to semi-autos neatly depositing their brass inside the brass catcher, so am somewhat puzzled as to why this one is so inconsistent.

7). It exhibits the same dent-the-bullet syndrome that others have reported elsewhere but that doesn’t appear to have any adverse effect on functioning, at least with FMJ. It will be interesting to see how it responds to Gold Dot JHP reloads.

8). It is very, very fun to shoot!!!

I’m interested to hear any thoughts or words of wisdom about these various observations?
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Really diggin' the brass catcher!
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Old Colt and Detonics guy here to. I still have both.

Nice range report.

I don't have a Micro9, so I can't comment much about that.
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Originally Posted by PaulWVa View Post
Really diggin' the brass catcher!
Here are some more pics. I wish I could take credit for it but I copied and improved the design from another guy. Among other things, I added the sunshade feature. Best part is that it folds flat, and can be used to transport the brass back home. (Folded flat pic is the other guy’s but mine works the same way).
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That is the Taj Mahal of brass catchers...I'm jealous..

My micro 9 has never shown the slow cycling, but it did get much smoother with lots of cycles, judging just from the feel of racking it. My trigger got lighter and smoother through lots of dry fire and 300 rds to date.
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