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Micro 9 vs Kimber Solo

Having sold my Solo because of lack of quality whats the word on the street with Micro 9 ?? After paying $800.00 for the Solo and selling it for $450.. I want to be sure on the next purchase..
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Unlike any one of my previous three Solos, my Micro 9 is a shooter and I have no concerns when caring it. Although it's not my EDC it will sometimes be a pocket warmer on really cold days. It has not misbehaved in anyway since I got it almost 2 years ago.
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I like mine. It did indeed take about 100 rounds and some dry firing to break-in, but now runs just fine. It's a little harsh with +P loads but plenty comfortable for range sessions with standard. The Mrs has one with G10 grips but mine came with Hogue rubber. These have kinda grown on me for shooting, though I think they're ugly. Controls are very 1911-ish, and so familiar if a little scaled down.

Try one if you can to see how it suits you.
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After 2 1/2 years and several hundred rounds, not a single problem with my Micro 9.
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I've never been a fan of striker-fired pistols, preferring to actually "see" the hammer at full-cock (or not).

That said, my Micro 9 has run flawless now for three years with anything I've stuffed into it, and rides daily most of the time in my Adams Leatherworks IWB rig, which even under a t-shirt is virtually invisible to onlookers.

When I feel "more" is needed, it's one of my Ultra's in nine or .45 in a Milt Sparks VM2; also undetectable under a t-shirt.

With all the fuss over the Solo, and it being striker-fired, there was never any contest here.
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My Micro 9 experience is just like the folks who posted before me. Has run like a top since the first 100 rounds and some good cleaning, and is one of my EDC pistols. Shoots right to point of aim.
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My Micro 9 initially had some failures to feed. I resolved that by modding a Sig P290 8-round magazine to fit (I've since rounded the rear of the Sig buttplate more to better fit the heel of my hand). It's a nice firearm, very pretty.
Only real complaint was the rather crappy trigger.
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Unlike the a Solo ,which I came very close to buying, I can actually drop the magazine on my M9.
My Micro 9 has been flawless with different brands of ammo, but seems to prefer 124 gr. It is small, light, reliable and is my daily carry.
It is a precision crafted weapon and some may require a 100-200 break in. I used a couple hundred on mine before I trusted it as my daily carry. Treat it right and you will grow to love it.
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Absolutely love mine! Carry at the gun range I work at. Mine is the Raptor Custom Shop, and feeds flawlessly as long as I keep it cleaned and grease the slide! In 2 years, I’ve only had 3 miss feeds, and those were my fault( a little bit of limp wrist) 🙃!
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Never had a Solo, but I have a Micro 9 and an EVO. I REALLY like the EVO.
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