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Hahaha! Thanks! I wouldn’t have come up with the name ‘chamber flag’ myself in a million years. My range uses orange zip-ties in a tight loop for such purposes. I thought of the Kimber thing as some sort of field-stripping aid. But of course it’s a chamber flag! Duh!
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Originally Posted by Bigdog View Post
The trigger on a Micro 9 can be improved some, but the basic issue in comparing it to 1911s is that it isnít one. Itís trigger pivots from the top, while a 1911 trigger pulls straight back. They are two completely different triggers, mechanically.

A Micro 9 trigger will never feels as good as a quality 1911 one.
Yes this. I wholeheartedly agree I wouldn't want 9 pounds either, but for a single action micro pistol intended for CCW without a grip safety, you will never get a 1911 weight trigger from the factory. They make them heavier on purpose.

I would not be surprised with break in if you don't end up around 6 pounds though.
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Back from my first range trip after getting my Micro 9 back from Kimber.

I’m happy to report 100% reliability, with no more magazine drops. I did have two failures to feed caused by my thumb activating the slide lock slightly under recoil, locking the slide back on a partially full magazine. Depressing it chambered the next round and it functioned fine. I was getting a little tired (I fired 450 rounds of 10mm, 45 ACP and 9mm) so holding it improperly was the cause.

The sights are properly regulated now too, and bullets hit very near point of aim.

Except for most of the time, where the absurd trigger pull is causing all sorts of flyers. I was having a horrible day at the range, and then a guy let me try his Ruger Vaquero Bisley in 45 Colt and I got five rounds in 1.5 inches, so I can still shoot, sort of. I was getting 6-8-10 inch groups with the Micro 9, with half the rounds in the black and the other half all over the place.

I assume mine is one with the new-style flat sear spring, which elsewhere today was highlighted as the probable cause of the problem. I simply must do something about it. Kimber has done all they can. I will reinstall my M*CARBO spring kit and hope that it improves matters, but I think more surgery will be called for before it is where I would like it to be.

At least it’s reliable and the sights seem properly regulated. So I’m much happier than I was before with it.

It’s fun to shoot even if it is really challenging!
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