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Originally Posted by huskyman View Post
Hard to believe that problem in a Kimber. I guess quality has gone out the window.
It's by no means only Kimber. I went through three NEW S&W Model 41s before I found one where I could even do a field strip prior to FFL acceptance. That that pistol costs 3 times what the Micro Kimbers do. Yeah, it's sad what has happened to American made goods in the last 20 years or so. People demanding a low price regardless of poor quality and our "throw away" consumerism.....dang, I sound like an old fart!
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Got it back from the Mothership

Hello guys, I thought an update on the factory work on my brand new Micro 9 Stainless lemon would be in order.

Kimber service was just as reported, quick, courteous and thorough.

The packing list says they installed an extractor, replaced the firing pin block and spring, reamed the chamber, and polished the feed ramp.

They even replaced the recoil spring.

The work order claims to have run 3 mags of 124 gr FMJ American Eagle through it, and 1 of Federal premium 147 gr JHP. (there was no comment on whether all rounds fired and fed. I presume they did.)

Sadly, I have only new 115gr FMJ from Yavex and Winchester to run my own test, and at the moment, I have no access to the heavier JHP and FMJ rounds at any price. Nevertheless, do not consider guns that are fussy about ammo to be good carry candidates.

I've run ten additional mags with the ammo I have. I'm happy to report I had no misfires.

However, the gun sill will not reliably feed. I had mis-feeds on all but two magazines loaded with 6 in a 7 round mag. And in particular with the first round. (the 7 round mag requires tools for me to insert the 7th round, so I just load 6.)

I will be the first to admit that this little pistol is as pretty as a daisy. Drop dead gorgeous. It's such a little jewel I feel more attractive just having it in my pocket. But it will be the last time I buy a gun based on a reputation and a pretty face without ever firing it.

These are not simple 'stovepipe' jams that can be cleared with a stroke of the slide. The round fails to go all the way into battery, so the ejector doesn't pull it out. Then the mag shoves a second round tight up against it. To clear it you have to remove the mag, sometimes digging it out with your other hand since it's jammed against the mis-feed, and then shake the mis-fed cartridge down and out through the mag well.

What are my chances of getting a refund? I'd feel guilty trying to sell it to another unsuspecting victim.
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Wow.. sorry to hear all that.. I have a new micro and at first I thought I got a lemon.. luckily it cooperated.. I thought oh great it has to go back.. but yep it needs to be re-homed.. go trade it in.. that’s such a bummer
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My micro 9 has had its share of problems (many of them owner-induced) but failure to feed isn’t one of them. I have only used Federal generic 115gr FMJ and Speer 147gr TMJ, and my own Speer 124gr TMJ and Gold Dot Hollow Point reloads. Due to their bad reputation I steered clear of Winchester White Box, and I’ve never heard of the other ammo you used but it sounds rather third world.

Before giving up on yours, I would suggest you try better ammo....
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...for my Kimber Micro 9mm:
1. clean thoroughly
2. breakin period is 400+ rounds with 124 grain FMJ
3. shoot it with the slide wet
4. sling shot load the first round from each magazine
5. load the magazine and tamp it to seat the rounds
6. firm grip, no limp wrist
7. I have to watch my right thumb as it has a tendency to ride up on the lower portion of the slide which slows the recoil sequence and causes FTF & FTE issues (read large hand small gun)
8...mine now shoots when called on.
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As much as I want to love the Micro 9 I just gave up. Had the desert tan with crimson trace and the all stainless models and both would just not feed reliably. Probably the most frustrating “feature” is the second round “creep” of the magazine...always setting up a jam on the second round fed. I would never trust a Kimber Micro 9 as my EDC. I love my EVO, love my Ultra Covert, had an Aegis that was great, but two thumbs down on the Micro 9. They just refuse to make these right out of the box.
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I appreciate the suggestion, but an ammo fussy gun can be a paperweight in times like these.
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Ya' know, I really appreciate guys as knowledgeable as you are. I thank you for the very useful tips.

It would never have occurred to me that I needed to complete the manufacturing process for this pistol with a few hours of my time and a few hundred rounds of ammo. I'm a Glock owner. I want a gun, not a hobby.

I had this mythical notion in my head, aided by the Micro 9's pretty face, that Kimber was a top quality firearm. But I thought I was buying a top quality subcompact carry pistol, not something to fill my leisure hours.

I'm lucky to fire 50 rounds a month. A few hundred round "break in" makes the gun breathtakingly expensive in time, ammo, and cleaning by the time it can be considered reliable enough for self-protection. They are already pretty pricey. If I had known there was even a remote chance of it i would never have bought the pistol.
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Kimber does make a quality (1911) firearm which the Micro9 is not a 1911.

In todays world of internet, internet gun forums, YouTube videos, all the problems and success of the Micro9 was at your fingertips for your reading and viewing pleasure.

They can be made reliable but not with the wave of a magic wand.
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I recently purchased a Black Ice in 9mm. Can get a good deal on Micro from an FFL buddy. Problem is, I HAD a SS Micro 9 & it was a POS from day one. Had issues & sent it back twice. They finally got it right, but I lost all confidence in the gun as an EDC, so I sold it.

Think having the BLACK ICE in both sizes would be cool, but I'm worried I'll get one that isn't right.

Of the Kmbers I have, exactly ½ are used & ½ are new. All of the new ones have been sent back to Kimber.
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