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First Kimber Wifes Micro 9mm Light Strikes!

Good Afternoon all, New to Forum, Just bought my wife a Micro 9mm First Kimber to own , but not to shoot! took home cleaned and lubed! Shot first time 3 light strikes no fire! Re cocked like 4 times round went off, Have used my reloads Winchester Primers ,Federal ammo ,Tried again Saturday first mag shoot 2 then want go off ,fought with it through 12 rounds ,we stopped ,took apart looked over it ,I will call Kimber Monday! I'm a Cowboy Action Shooter ,I reload ! Alot! So the primers that went off hardly have a mark very light hits! Its the gun! Sure big disappointment ,but mechanical so you know what happens? LOL ,Will advise on out come!
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon...
Sorry to hear about the little Kimber... I have come to the realization that the micro has issues at the beginning of its life out of the box.... I have had mine and it took some rounds to finally get it running smooth... someone here will tell you to try this... all’s I can say is make a call.. try some factory ammo..
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Welcome from oregon, sorry to hear about your troubles, Another new kimber that that the good folks in this forum will tell you it needs a painfully long break in.
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Also needs an extremely careful cleaning. Firing pin is trivial to remove. Remove slide, the firing plate slides out, and the firing pin/spring drop right out. Clean the pin, spring, and firing pin hole. The stock mainspring is pretty stiff, so light strikes are almost impossible. Unless the pin is sticky due to lube/grease.

I'd bet if you clean it thoroughly, the problem will go away. Also helps to clean the whole gun with the same due diligence.
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Was she rapid the trigger all the way back after first shot?
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JakeCutter, welcome to the site from Tennessee.

Can't hurt to clean it again but IMO more importantly just for giggles try some factory ammo, just to confirm what's going on.

PLUS, what Pantera Mike said below I wanted to reference it but couldn't remember who's post it was?
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Mine had light strikes with reloads, and somebody here suggested I had applied excessive crimp which was allowing the case to not headspace on the mouth properly and thus slide forward when the firing pin struck the primer. I switched to factory ammo and reduced the crimp on my reloads and apparently that was the cause as Iíve had zero light strikes since then.
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Jake try running some factory ammo see if it happens. my Micro does not like reloads. the rounds that won't fire through my Micro all fire though my Xds 9mm with no problem. welcome to the forum I hope you get it figured out quickly...
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...had issues with my Kimber Micro 9 out of the box... ...I had to use factory loads 124 grain FMJ for breakin... ...reloads didn't work...

...I shoot SASS as well and reload a lot... the suggestions listed above...

...clean thoroughly... shot load the first round of each magazine during breakin - 400+ rounds
...shoot it with the slide wet
...firm grip no limp wrist
...124 grain FMJ to breakin
...tap the magazine prior to using to seat the rounds
...I had to watch my right thumb as it would try to ride up on the lower portion of the slide which slowed the recoil sequence causing FTE and FTF issues...
...mine is a great shooter after I worked thru all my issues...
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BTW for "factory ammo" don't include WWB in the list. I have two boxes that are WAY over-crimped. Gun still fires most of the time, but barely extracts any as the cases go too deep for the extractor to grab...

Good ammo is always the first prerequisite.
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