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Kimber micro raptor failure

This is my first post ever. The reason is because of a very bad experience with what I thought was a quality firearm. I purchased a Kimber Ultra Raptor a few months ago and love it. Performs flawlessly.
I recently came across the micro raptor and had to have it. I took it to the range on fathers day only to have numerous FTF/FTE's. Figured it needed more break in I took it home and cleaned and oiled it and took it back out to the range with all kinds of different ammo, PMC fmj, Fiochi fmj, PPU fmj, American Eagle fmj and HPR jhp. All I can say is Jam, Jam, Jam. Almost every jam resulted with the spent casing being jammed in the barrel by the next round. I also noticed after firing the last round and the slide being locked back the empty casing would be laying in the chamber. Took the gun home, cleaned and oiled and took it back out yesterday and it seems its getting more frequent. I am returning to Kimber today, in which I have to travel across town to do, and have been told it could be 5 week turn around. Not cool ! Any thoughts ?

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois. My suggestion would be to contact Kimber customer service and discuss the problem you're having with them. Kimber has announced that they received a batch of improperly heat treated recoil springs and your gun may contain one. They will send you a new spring if they feel this is the problem or instruct you on how to return your gun to the factory at their expense.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: MF, 9 a.m.7 p.m. Eastern
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Chuck is man on the spot, also might be extractor tension is off. It still baffles me how a pistol can leave production bound for a customer in such a condition. Kimber will get it fixed though, five weeks will go by fast.
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Good advice, all. The stock Micro spring has caused a lot of grief. Too weak, and/or defective. Then there's the extractor. I have two Micros, and on both the extractor was loose enough to rattle in its channel in the slide. When I put a small bend in the extractors, to provide some positive pressure against the case rim, the slides wouldn't return to battery. Not enough spring pressure to push past the resistance of the extractor claw. When I got the new flat-wound springs, there was much joy around here. My extractors now snap into place on those cases, and the action closes like a real 1911. One extractor needed a little filed off the face of the claw, but the other fit 100%. Both micros are now a pleasure to shoot.
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First of all, Welcome to the forum from almost the Middle of Tennessee. We have several from Tennessee on here. I am still amazed on how many problems arise from a new pistol. I think they need to fire up several different types of ammo before they ship one out. I would like to tour the factory to see how they manufacture and test. I worked in a factory for several years, I know how some defects can slip by the final checks. We hear of this all the time in the automobile industry.
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I also would love to tour the Kimber factory but Kimber doesn't allow that. There is an article in the Kimber catalog written by D. Faubion called "Pure Imagination". It's suppose to be tour through the factory, the article opens with the operations manager saying "Generally, we do not allow non-employees inside of the factory. In reading the article you will quickly see that the pictures are limited and guns/parts are talked about in general terms. Someone not knowing what Kimber America is could easily mistake it for an operation in a 3 car garage.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Hang in there, Kimber will make it right. I know it's frustrating after you buy a new gun but at least they stand by their products.

Chuck, I've spent numerous days working in Yonkers and would have loved to stop by Kimber to check out their facility.
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Welcome to KT Thefinisher, sorry to hear things went so bad. Off the cuff it sounds like the extractor is not properly adjusted as has been mentioned? I'd send her in and let them check everything over. If you go that route all you'll have to do is drop the package at UPS. Driving across town shouldn't be necessary. Hope you'll follow up with some improved results in not too long.
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It's certainly not cool to buy a self defense weapon and have it perform like that. I have many Kimbers and haven't had an issue, all 9mm ultra's and have shy'd away from buying a Micro for the reasons you mention. I ended up buying a Sig P938 and it performs perfectly so it can be done.

Lets hope they straighten you out. Keep us posted.
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