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Hammer casting flaw

Hey everyone,

I just noticed this on my kimber micro.
From what I understand is that imperfections like this are created during MIM process.
How much should I worry about something like this?
Will the hammer break off?

I'm planning on contacting kimber about it.

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As far as I know that shouldn't be anything to worry about? My Micro has a similar blemish on the face of the hammer too. I had sent mine in for a "spa day" and they polished several things but didn't touch that area so I presumed it wasn't anything to be concerned with?
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Personally I wouldn't worry about it, I think it's nothing but a cosmetic blemish.
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Your image is 'one' sick looking ugly MIM.
...all that really counts is $$$

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Old 07-14-2016, 04:27 PM   #5
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All 4 of my micros have the very same mark.
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Casting defects occur in any type of process, and are not unique to MIM. Having it show up on a finished gun is just shoddy quality control. Send the picture to Kimber and ask them to send you a new hammer. That piece should have been thrown in the scrap bin and never left the factory.

If you still have confidence in that piece that should have ended up in the scrap bin, put on your glasses and take a very close look. It appears that there are rings radiating out from the inclusion. Perhaps the material cooled at different rates, or maybe the material never achieved the proper temperature in casting, or maybe the contamination affected heat treating. There's no way of being sure of the cause, or what effect it has on the integrity of the finished casting.
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Didn't see that on either of my Micros. Just checked the DC...damn it! ..my prefect gun just went from beauty to beast

I also had a blemish (more like a bump) on the release shaft too, and that did cause problems. I doubt this will be an issue.
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I think it is just a harmless blemish that is probably quite common. My Micro has similar blemish. Just consider it nothing more than your micro's belly button, an odd ltitle cosmetic blemish we all live with.
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I have a perfect belly button no blemishes what so ever!

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