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July Range Report (with newbie!)

Hey y'all!

So, yesterday I took my friend/neighbor Gary down to the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range (in Alpharetta or Dunwoody -- oh DUH! in SANDY SPRINGS!!! Georgia) -- my late husband and I used to live about 6 miles S. of it, but never went). (Really (really!) nice place!)

I brought:
Michael's Ultra Compact II .45 w/ two 8-9-rnd mags (don't remember which; never use the .45; it's the "house gun.")
My .380 Micro w/ all three 7-rnd and the single 6-rnd mags
My 9mm S&W w/ um... 7 or 8? (uh, 7- or 8-rnd?) mags
My .357 mag. S&W revolver (with .38 Spec ammo) with about 45 140-grn and 35 120-ish?-grn or 130-grn? rounds -- I thought we try and see if we could tell the diff! (No.)

Both "UpLula"s (what a stupid name eh? Superb gear, really stupid name!) The 'Baby Uplula' loads the .380 mags really fast; the regular one does everything else really fast!

So, Gary came over around 9:30, and I set him to loading mags (I'd taught him how the night before), while *I* chatted with Chico/Tourist who had just called. Then I loaded up the guns, the boxes of loaded mags, some rags and the lube kit (just in case the Micro got fussy!), eye and hearing protection -- forgot to add targets so had to buy them there -- and the uplulas in my rolling carry-on suitcase. (Donít have -- donít want! -- a range bag: why carry when you can roll?)

Put the boxes of rounds (yeah, I use the plastic boxes, I'm a bit obsessive!) in a (plastic) ammo can I got.

Check-in at the range was quick (surprisingly it was NOT crowded at all -- I suppose, this bein' the Bible Belt and all, everyone else was still at church!) We got a single lane, cause I'd be teaching Gary more than shooting.
(Later note: no, it was Saturday! Not church! Maybe the "Glock Sporting ... something Assoc. Shoot/Day thingie" up at the closer range (Sharpshooter, where Insta-Gator and I shot a year ago) pulled the crowds away?)

Gary brought his spreadsheet results: he's been reading up, and had 6-7 handguns he'd IDed as ones he was considering; we intended to rent a few to try. Alas, the range (no surprise) did not have/rent the Sig P938, which I really really want to try! Went up and put fingerprints all over one at Dick's Sporting Goods on Friday... I think that's what I'm buying next! It seems a bit heavy -- but I didn't want to pull out the Micro to compare (prolly not supposed to be armed in Dick's?). Since Gary had decided on a 9mm (it will be his house gun; his wife wants a carry gun, and I'll have her try to P238 and my Micro... small is good!), we started with that.

I'm fussy (No! Really? Yes, 'fraid itís true...) , so I place the (opened) suitcase on the floor behind where we'd stand; and the ammo can just barely inside the lane (against the wall). I laid out the 9mm mags (top-left corner of the bench, and put the 9mm in the center. Mounted the target. Showed Gary how to move it. Pulled out my Micro (from my purse, which gets locked back into the suitcase; no distractions worrying about it, eh?) And laid the Micro in the top right corner (I'm a leftie, did I mention?) And put its mags with it.

Invited Gary to load the 9mm. (We'd also 'learned' grip the night before, and loading a(n empty) mag into the three guns (and rounds into the revolver). I stepped behind him and said, feel free. He, of course, hunched his shoulders up something terrible and 'turtled' his neck down, so I tapped him (good man though; he NEVER EVER turned the muzzle away from downrange, the entire time we were there!) I told him to drop his shoulders and raise his arms to aim -- rather than trying to bring his eyes down to mid-chest!

He did pretty well with that. He fired a bullet. Set the gun down. And smiled at me -- then said: it's much louder than I expected! (We both had foam ear plugs and good ear cups...) Great, keep going! So, he ran that mag and set the gun down. I took his place and ran a mag. And he did another 9mm, then I said, try the .380? Sure!

So, we put the 9mm stuff neatly in the top left corner, and pulled the Micro and mags over. He liked the Micro too. We each did a mag, he did the third, and then went back to the 9mm and ran a few more. (He was hitting the target (at 7 yds) with nearly every round, so that was good. (Had slightly less success at ten yards, so we went back to seven.) Then he tried going faster -- and aiming at one of the little 'men' on the target edge -- two in the cardboard base, three sorta near the little man, and a couple we-dunno-where! (Suggested he concentrate on AIM on his first visit; speed comes later!)

I made him reload all the mags. Then I pulled out the .45 -- it's a lovely weapon, and I won't get rid of it, but it's not one I shoot often. Had him fire it -- and wow! It's even heavier and stronger recoiling! Yes, which is why I have it as a house gun. He didn't really need one, and your best/first gun needs to be one you'll use and practice with!

I suggested the revolver and put it and the plastic box of rounds on the bench. Watched him load. He REALLY liked the revolver, he was surprised how much less recoil there was, how much smoother it was than the semi.

Why was the revolver so much smoother? Well, you remember that animation we watched last night (yay, YouTube!) showing how a semi operates? The gas pressure from the expanding/exploding gunpowder has to drive the slide back to eject the shell, and let the mag spring push the next round up into the chamber, and 'cock' the gun again. So, all that force, against your wrist, makes the recoil a lot more noticeable. The revolver doesn't have to do all that! Oh. But the revolver doesn't eject the shell, right? Correct, that's why we open the wheel and reload by hand.

Couple more 'wheels' on the revolver, then back to the 9mm. And I got to shoot the Micro some too; I like it better even than the 9mm. (Well, duh.)

I finally asked if he wanted to go out and see about renting one of his options. No, he was done.

'kay. So I (shot three more Micro mags myself and) packed up; guns back in their cushy beds, (reloaded a 7-round Micro mag/into Micro and back into its N8^2 Tactical Holster and into my purse), boxes of rounds into the ammo box. (He DID want to keep his target, of course!) We only used two of the four we'd bought, so I folded them for next time.

(All told, cost about $35? (Well, not counting ammo.) Cheaper for two on one lane. Oh and we had the range (our "side" / it's split into two rooms/two entry doors' and a separate rifle range) to ourselves for most of the time.

So, on the drive home I asked his impressions. Overall, he said -- it was scary. (!!!) I didn't pursue that at the moment. What else? It was MUCH louder and rougher than he expected -- it doesn't seem, on TV, like there is so much recoil and force! He found the semi's quite surprising, and the revolver was less ... harsh. (This guy is, like, 6'2, 290 pounds, very strong, we go to the gym together once a week too: he lifts heavy! But he'd never fired a gun before, so it was quite new!)

A bit later in the drive, I asked him to expand on his reaction of "scary." Well, when he first shot, he was thinking: Oh! I would be shooting a man! Killing a human! (I'd bought silhouette targets; I guess he was expecting a circles target...)

Ah, said I -- so, not scary but... whatís the right word?

I think... sobering, he said.

PERFECT! says I. You SHOULD be sober when considering killing a human! It's why I keep harping on your wife that you have to have already MADE (and committed to!) the decision that you can and will kill a human -- otherwise -- do not carry a gun! The only people who have their guns taken and used against them are people who have not made that commitment!

So today (Sun.) (when we went to the gym {sob}{owee}), he was more comfortable with the idea.... We'll try to go again when his wife gets back from visiting family. (I have the check with the range; I'd LIKE to bring their 12-yr-old and give her a chance to see and maybe try.)

He did a pretty good job. I did a pretty good job (my groupings were way better than his, of course...) I practiced some double taps, and did much better at fast re-acquiring. I also am pretty pleased with my 'new' grip (no more releasing my right hand and resetting, Arland! ) and I'm finding it comfortable. Gary did get sliced on the top/back of his left thumb, when his hand/grip rose up enough to let the non-grip hand get caught by the slide... (He's right-handed.) (Oops. Didn't think to warn him about that, cause my hands are smaller...)

It bled, and he had to stop a few times and clean it with the rag (not why I bring 'em, but good to have -- I'll need to add a couple of bandaids to my kit.

All the guns performed flawlessly. And no, I have NOT cleaned them since I took the car in (back in May?) and spent the recall time at the (other) range -- so both Ultra Compact and Micro were no cleaner than they oughta be... (BAD Elenor!!) (Yeah, yeah, I know...) I think it was nearly all Freedom Munitions (new) rounds -- no FTEs or FTLs -- everything ran like a charm!

Forearms are a bit sore today (but after the gym, EVERYthing is a bit sore!)

So, that's my report!

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Now that is a range report!
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Great range report El, it sounds like you're a fine instructor.
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Great report...felt like I was "there" with you. Like your writing style!
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Originally Posted by Donald View Post
Now that is a range report!
Here here!
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Love introducing new people to the shooting sports. I'm not qualified to teach them to be a good shooter, but I can safely let them cut their teeth on their first shots.

Good job, El
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Kowabunga, young lady! Double espresso this morning?

Great range report!
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Nice report Miss SnoTao! Be sure to get one of those new recoil rigs for your Micro while they're giving them away. Never hurts to be prepared.
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Great report El and you will have Gary shooting smiley faces in those targets in no time at all.

Sandy Springs Gun Club is beautiful not had the chance to shoot there but that's where I bought the Sapphire Ultra.
Not sure I could afford a membership there.
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Great report...loved reading it. Always interesting when someone hasn't fired a weapon, etc. On the slide and band aid...the first time I shot my Bodyguard 380 had my head or hand in the wrong place.. after a shot I was on my way to get a band aid out of my first aid kit. It made me realize about proper hand grip.
Retired and loving it.
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