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Extended Micro 7 Magazine

Just bought a Kimber Extended Magazine 1200164A for my new Micro 380 Sapphire. I am noticing an approximate 1/16th inch gap between the top of the plastic piece on the mag and the bottom of the grip (see attached image). Anyone else have this issue or think it might be a defective magazine? I expected the fit to be better. I don't think this would affect functionality but I haven't taken the gun to the range yet. Thanks for any input.
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Is that a factory mag? If so, that gap would be surprising to me as well.
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Take it to the range.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois crescentmotor and congratulations on the new Micro Sapphire. I don't think you have a defective magazine but until you try and shoot the gun you're not going to know for sure. That gap you're worried about is necessary for the magazine to be inserted in the gun. In order for the magazine to lock into the frame it has to go just a hair beyond where it locks in then comes back down. If the magazine sat tight to the frame you'd never get it to lock in.
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From my phone your photo does not appear to show much of a gap. I would not be concerned with a 1/16" gap that is essentially a cosmetic issue. If the mag engages in the gun properly, chambers bullets and shoots as expected, you should be good to go. Remember that polymer base's sole function is being a pinky extention.
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Sweet gun, as for the gap, take to the range, but I would not worry about the plastic bumper, but more of, did the magazine engage with a similar force as the 6-round mag?
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I couldn't get my photo to upload. I do not have that gap on my 380 with extended mag, but as everyone has said, you won't know if it is a problem until you take it to the range. Hopefully, all will be well. Good luck and enjoy your new micro, it's a sweet little pistol.
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Originally Posted by CB236 View Post
Is that a factory mag? If so, that gap would be surprising to me as well.
Yes--it is a Kimber factory mag.
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Thanks for the responses. After looking more closely at the mag, I can see that the plastic cap is not exactly perpendicular to the metal magazine. With the mag in the magazine, that explains why the gap is bigger slightly bigger on one side of the grip that the other. Also, I have now had the chance to see a few breakdown videos on some Micros with the extended mag and I can see that there is no apparent gap between the mag and the grip best as I can tell. Since I bought the mag locally at a Cabela's, I think I am just going to a return and replacement and see if that gap gets remedied. Thanks for the responses.

P.S. Got a box each (Fiocchi, Sig Sauer, American Eagle, and Winchester Training) FMJ bullets (all 95 gr. except for 100 Sig Sauer) for break-in to see how the gun responds (will later test and use hollow point for defense). I also did a field breakdown and can see that I have the new guide rod and recoil spring. Glad I found this forum--looks like a lot of good experienced posters here to help me up the learning curve.

I was somewhat reluctant to get a Kimber after all the negative reviews a few years ago and it seems some folks are still having an occasional problem with their new guns. However, Kimber sucked me in with their eye candy finishes and likely most folks are having no problems at all after the adjustments Kimber has made.
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Most of the problems with Kimbers are the new model glitches that Kimber will fix or send an updated part to make them act like a Kimber should. I have heard some bad things about the Solo but never had one. I don't particularly care for a striker fired pistol unless it's a .22 and their not for CC anyway.
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