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Range Report M380 with issues

New member here. Not new to guns but first time Kimber owner. Purchased Micro 380 and couldn't wait to get to the range. The fit and finish are excellent, the size just right and the feel very good.

Unfortunately had issues from the get go. Started off with winchester flat nose ammo - initially the slide would lock at least once per mag. By the time I got to 50 rounds it was failing to load about 50% of the time.

Switched to Remington FMJ ammo and it did better but still locking open with shells in magazine at least 25% of the time. Stopped after another 50 rounds.

On the positive side - this gun is accurate. Surprised me that at 25 yards resting on bench I could put 5 shots in a 4" group. It also handles nicely and recoil is very manageable. My wife didn't mind the recoil and she doesn't like any kick at all.

Got home and cleaned gun thoroughly - nothing looked abnormal. Oiled it up and ready to try the range again. Hoping the results will be better.

From other's posts it seems these 380s have a high level of problems that are not typical for Kimber guns. Really hope I can get mine sorted out.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.

I don't own a Micro 380 so I'm not too familiar with their issues. Kimber does have excellent customer service and you should call them. They'll take care of your problem.
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...all that really counts is $$$

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My wife's Kimber Micro Carry 380 likes the American Eagle 95 gr. When we go to the range with it...I still throw in a few drops of oil. If your mags are new...preload them for a few days. Welcome to the forum from a Middle Tennessean. I spent last Thursday night in Elk City, Oklahoma.....
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Do you have the upgraded guide rod and return spring in it? If not call Kimber and give them the SN and they will send a set right out. I will say Kimber Customer Service is the best I have ever seen, they will fix or replace anything that isn't right.

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Welcome to the forum from GA. My micro 380 did not do well with the Winchester flat nose rounds, in fact I had the most problems with that particular ammo, however I am one of the people that has been having problems with the 380. The good news is that Kimber's customer service is very helpful, my pistol is in Yonkers now for testing and hopefully they will get it running for me. It is a fun pistol to shoot, smooth and accurate. I'm not giving up on it. Hope you can work through any issues with yours.

Did you clean and lube it before taking it to the range?...and keep it on the wet side during break in. Good luck.
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Thanks - Lots of good ifo here.
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-- Double L
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Good info - I hate typos - recovering from rotator cuff surgery so having to use my weak hand.
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