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Need Advice with my Micro 380

Hey all. I found this forum searching for answers to issues with my wife's micro 380. We have had it about a year and have tried several brands of ammo. The gun has been very reliable for me but not with her. I know that she is "limpwristing" because with me there has only been one ammo that does not work. The HPR 90 grain XTP will not shoot for me but all others do. However for her we have only found one decent ammo and that is GECO hard round and I cannot find them locally. I got the new guide Rod and spring and it really didn't help except for return to battery but not FTF issues. I really can't complain to Kimber because the gun is very reliable for me but it is my wife's and it is not. She shoots my Glock 43 with no FTF issues but she doesn't like it. She likes her Kimber. Please Advise what to do?
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Hey Mac, welcome to the forum from GA. I'm sure someone will come along to help you out.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois MAC82, I know ladies and some men that have had this problem. The best solution to the problem is a simple grip exerciser. Something like the Gripmaster can be used while sitting in front of the TV. The different colors represent different weights, I'd suggest either the yellow or red to start with.

How about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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Hi Mac. I'm relatively new here too. I carry a 380 micro and have very small hands so "limpwristing" is something I fight routinely! I had FTF until I changed my guide rod and spring. I carry with Fiocchi XTP HP and have no problems. On the range I shoot Fiocchi FMJ - both 90 grain. I've not had any problems with them. I cannot buy them locally and have to order them. If I can't get them, I will use Blazer and have no issues with it either. Hope your wife finds an answer!
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Thanks Elf. I have not tried Fiochhi. Blazer was her first box and she had a few issues with them, the last box we tried was the Remington white and green box 95 and they didnt do well.

We have tried Blazer, Remington, Monarch, Perfecta, Remington Ultimate Defense 102, HPR, GECO
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Perhaps a class at a good range would help. Maybe they could help her with her technique. Perhaps find one and take it together so it's not "you need to learn to shoot" and more of a couples day. Add a nice dinner and make it a date day. I find it's much easier for my wife to learn things like this if I'm not the one teaching her.
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The limp wristing will have to be fixed, which shouldn't be that hard to overcome with a little practice.

I'm not sure what you mean by FTF, so please elaborate.

I personally run Sig P238 recoil and firing pin springs in my 3 Micros. For some reason I have always had issues with the Kimber springs. I'm not sure why because they are fairly similar. For $12 for a 3 pack they may be worth trying.

As for ammo, you're just going to have to experiment until you find one that works. The XTP profile should work with your Micro. I don't know HPR so I don't know what their QC is like. I personally find the Underwood offering to have the highest quality. Offering from Hornady, Black Hills, Fiocchi and Precision One are good to go as well.

How many rounds do you have on this pistol and are you using 6 or 7 round mags?
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Sawman, the FTF issues are anywhere from failure to eject the case, stove piping, and not returning to battery. The new spring and guide Rod seems to have fixed the failure to return to battery. But the other issues still persist. I would estimate over 300 but less than 400 rounds on gun. We have both the factory 6 and extended 7 round magazine and the issues seem consistent with either magazine.
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It's all in the wrist.

It's all in the wrist. If you're not having problems with ejections or feeding the problem is her grip and loose wrist. The More practice and concentration on a firm grip on a stiff wrist and getting more comfortable with her new fire arm you will see improvement. My wife has the Sig 238 and 2 Kimber Micros and a Smith & Wesson bodyguard. She is 65 years old and is a petite person but I take her out often and have experienced the same difficulties when she first got her new pistol. But with more range time and practice she has learned how to overcome the limp wrist syndrome and now does really well with no failures at all on any of those pistols. Practice, practice, practice.
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Fix the limp wristing and avoid the problematic ammunition. It sounds like the pistol itself is running fine. Let us know how it's working after she puts in a little more practice.

Has she tried the Glock 42?

And there is always the 2 inch wheel guns??? Can't limp wrist those!
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