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2nd 380 micro fail

Kimber replaced a 380 micro as I had fail to battery issues and fail to lock open on an empty mag. I've shot 435 rounds in 2 days and it is still an issue.I've used 5 different ammo and have basically held the gun with fingers so the grip could not be pointed to. I have a 9mm micro with no issues. Why is the 380 an issue? My wife and friends have shot another 200 plus rounds with the same result. It's either a) the micro 380 design is a complete abortion or b) I'm shooting two lemons in a row. The first gun I returned 3 times until a 'senior' kimber gunsmith ant the chief operating officer approved replacement. What can be done besides going public and warning others not to waste their money? I have 6 other semi autos and have never experienced poor performance like this. Was this gun made overseas or was it really made in america. Quality standards have not been met repeatedly from what I've seen posted in various forums. I want a reliable kimber for carry but I can't rely on kimber.
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That sucks, The only issues I've had with my kimber .380 have been ammo related. It seems they're a little more finicky than their big brothers. I think if you used 5 different ammos you would have found one that works.
It seem like I read somewhere on here that you need to use a specific grain bullet for proper break in. I don't know if you did or didn't, it's just a possibility. I'm someone that know's the micro's better than me will chime in shortly
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Jsowens56, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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Try running some 100 grain flat points through it and see how they function. Iíve been reloading those for mine for two years. They run flawless along with Hornady Custom XTPís for carry.

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Welcome to the site from:
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Originally Posted by Jsowens56 View Post
Quality standards have not been met repeatedly from what I've seen posted in various forums. I want a reliable kimber for carry but I can't rely on kimber.
I wish I had a solution for you. I went through the same scenario with a Solo. My conclusion is that the "gunsmiths" in the Kimber repair department aren't all that talented, they just do routine parts swaps, and they don't do any real testing after the parts are installed.

My "solution" was to trade up to a 1911 style Kimber. They're a little more experienced in making 1911's, bigger pistols are easier to get right, and they look pretty nice.

I realize this doesn't get you the little .380 you were looking for, but the only other options are to fix it yourself, or keep sending it back and hope that someday they will finally get it right.
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Apologies but I feel snarky today for some reason. Wish I could just keep my mouth shut ...errrr...fingers from typing.

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BUT, I still love him and he is a cutie for sure.
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Sorry to hear you are having issues but It's really not an abortion of a design. It was ripped off from the colt mustang after the patent expired. The colt has been around for over 30 years. I have two micro .380s and haven't had any issues. Call it "luck" but I'm not even Irish
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Don't take this wrong but maybe it's {C} limp wristing ??

I have a Colt Mustang 380 and it will shoot anything that I feed it. Many members here would say the same thing about their Micro and some have even changed to the new spring and ditched the original factory spring.

Thanks for the PSA, but I have many Kimbers that have never had an issue from day one.
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The smaller " micro " sized guns do tend to have their fair share of birthing problems that somehow seem to get worked out over time.
My Micro .380 had problems with failure to chamber when I first got it but after installing the new flat spring Kimber sent me it has been flawless.
I also own a Solo which has been flawless out of the box but the Solo developed a bad reputation due to many failures when it first came out.
I hope the Kimber Micro's ( .380 & 9mm ) don't suffer the same fate from their " birthing" problems because when they work right they are awesome little conceal carry guns.
Love both my little Micro's ( .380 & Solo ).
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