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10/2/17 100% :-)

I wanted to give my Micro a little attention today. As I've banged on the trigger pin some recently I wanted be sure I didn't cause any problems by knocking the frame out of alignment? I guess not as she ran perfectly :-) I went "real world" conditions today, no lube prior to heading out. The pistol was actually pretty dry as I've had it taken down 3 times in the last week or so while trying to get that trigger pin to move. I used two Kimber 6 round mags and ran 50 rounds of Fiocchi 95gr FMJ. Everything did what it was supposed to except my trigger finger, I jerked one pretty good and caught the bad guy in the shoulder :-(
...target was at about 8 yards.
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Nice shooting Mark but why would you call real world conditions being shot with no lube?
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Originally Posted by Chuck43 View Post
Nice shooting Mark but why would you call real world conditions being shot with no lube?
In the event a pistol was going to used in an emergency there wouldn't be time to field strip it and oil her up...
I always clean and lube after each outing, sometimes I'll oil the rails before I head out to shoot a particular pistol. I refer to occasions when I don't prep the pistol prior to a range visit as "real world". It's not that the pistol hasn't been oiler to spec, just not immediately prior to the range trip. In todays case the last time this pistol was lubed was around 4 or 5 weeks ago. I'm fairly new to semi-autos so there's a curiosity factor involved here. I think this Micro is broken in enough to give grease a try on the rails? I'm at a bit over 1500 round count wise.
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I don't have a Micro 9 but I have a Sig P938. The gun wasn't new when I got it but the owner said he only shot 50 rounds. From the look of the gun I believe him. I know I've shot 550 rounds through this gun and I've been using grease since I got this gun. I don't think you should have any issues with grease after 1500 rounds.
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A wise old man told me once to use Colgate toothpaste as a lapping compound.
It works like a charm. Coat the rails and work the slide by hand for a couple hundred time every evening for about a week. It will be honed just fine.

By the way that wise old man was Chuck!
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Yep! Toothpaste works very well as a lapping compound. I have a 1911 that wouldn't go into battery on occasion. A gentle nudge of the slide would put it into battery. I disassembled it, put toothpaste on the slides, and worked it for awhile adding toothpaste occasionally. I cleaned it with soap and water and used compressed air to dry it. I then thoroughly lubed every moving part - if it pivots, use oil, if it slides, use grease. After several hundred rounds now, I have had no feeding problems at all. So, toothpaste works!
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