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Inceptor Polymer Ammo in Micro .380

I have had a Micro .380 for 6-7 months now. I have had some issues, but have not yet formally complained. I completely gave up on flat nosed bullets, and I live with slide closing on the last round, and intermittent FTF.
I also have a Micro 9, that I had multiple issues with. Kimber requested that I send it back to them, They fixed it. It now shoots like a dream, without any of the problems that I had.

My current project is to test/use the Inceptor polymer base ammo for .380 and for 9mm. I first started with the 9 and I am very happy with the results there. It is extremely accurate and low recoil. It is a total win. (other than a bump in cost). I reload all my ammo, so the cost factor is not a deal breaker. It costs about a nickel per round more.
I have three 9s, and they all shoot it well.

The Micro 380 is a little different. I had to up the charge a little to get it to reliably cycle the gun, (from the bullet mfr. recommendation). It still does not want to properly eject, 2 failures in 50 rounds. Now I am wondering if I should change the COL to fit the Kimber? My .380 measures a chamber length that is exactly on the rcmd. COL for the Inceptor bullet.

Sorry for the long writing, but I am searching for someone that reloads, that maybe dealt with changing Cartridge Overall Length, while trying to fix the ammo fussiness of the Micro .380?

I don't want to give up on this ammo for the Micro. If I can get this to work reliably, that would turn the Micro .380 into an awesome EDC.
The bullet weight is almost half what a FMJ is, and with the very high velocity and energy management, it packs a punch.
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I haven't had any trouble with the ARX and I do agree, it is great ammunition for the 380.

You mentioned upping your charge, From that I assume you are handloading. I am using titegroup and at the max recommended charge. With this loading I am having no trouble and it chrono's very close to factory loads. Have you checked it, for reliability, with factory loads?

I will measure later and tell you what my overall length is.
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