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Micro 9 Accuracy

Hi gang. I'm new to the forums and have question to ask. I own a Kimber Ultra Carry ll in .45 that's an absolute tack driver. Two weeks ago I purchased a new Model KHX Micro 9. Beautiful weapon. First trip to the range and it's a good 8 inches low and 2 inches to the left at 7 meters. Now I'm nobody's perfect shot. But, after a career in the military I can hold my own. I fired 3 kinds of ammo and even had another guy shoot it and still hits about 8 low and 2 left. Not a real tight group either, but I may just be spoiled by my .45. I guess I just want to know if this is a common thing with the Micro 9? I called Kimber and they immediately issued me an RMA without as much as a question. This leads me to believe that mine isn't the first time for this problem. Please understand I'm not bashing Kimber in any way. Between my Kimber .45 and my brothers 3 Kimber pistols I am in awe of their accuracy. Anywho, the gun is back at the Kimber factory and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Any thoughts from you folks who own the Micro 9?
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First off Sarge, welcome to the forum. Lots of "purchasing mentors" here, so know going in that this place may be hard on your wallet.

As far as that Micro 9 goes, I'm certain the Mother Ship will send it back with proper sight alignment. My Micro 9 was spot-on in regard to POA/POI right from the factory and has not been tweaked in any way, so I'm certain yours will come back in good order.

As an aside, in the 25 or so years I've had Kimbers, the only reason any of mine were ever sent back to Yonkers was to have night sights installed. They've all been good reliable shooters in every regard. Two of mine are Ultra CDP's.....45 and 9mm.

Good to see you here, and thank you for your service.
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Good idea to return it to Kimber. My Micro 9 has been accurate since day one. Must have a problem of some kind. Good luck with it.
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It seems "Low and Left" is becoming a common statement from the Micro owners.
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Thanks to you folks for your input. As we speak the gun is on its way back already. They only had it for 3 days. This tells me that they are very fast at making corrections, or they didn't do anything to it. As a side note I ran into a coworker who has a Micro 9 with very similar issues. His shoots low and right. It been back to Yonkers 2 times with no joy. He's given up is trying to sell it. Now mind you I have no idea of his shooting skills. I told him to come to the range with me when mine comes back and we'll check it out. I'll let you know how mine is when it gets here. Should be tomorrow.
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Here's my story. Bought mine a few months back. Cleaned it and noticed that the laser sight was not aligned with the iron sights. Tweaked that easily. First round I fired using the iron sights with the laser turned on produced a hole in the target at 7 yards directly at point of aim, directly where I had adjusted the laser sight to point. As I change bullet weights, the vertical point of impact will shift a bit, although it is possible to adjust grip firmness to correct some of that shift.

This is NOT a 6"+ barrel revolver (like my 629) that is a really good long-range gun, but it is not a spray and pray gun either, it will hit as it is designed to do if the shooter does his/her part in the deal.
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