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Micro 380 Major disapointment

Bought the lil 380 with the rosewood grips with the crimson trace about a year ago and life got in the way and didn't get to the range till this past weekend, man what a piece of junk. It cycles fine but that's about all it does correctly, slide doesn't lock on last shot, shoots 6-8+ inches low and the 2-3 inches to the left. Used a few different brands of ammo with the same results. If that's their idea of quality control they need to hire someone that actually knows what they are doing. I believe this will be my first and last purchase from kimber, that's a lot of $$ to shell out for a paper weight. Would it be possible to just return it after such a long time after buying it? So disgusted with it, should have just bought a sig.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa.

You’ve had this gun for a year... have you called customer service ? I wouldn’t be happy either but if you don’t call how can they possibly help you.

Lately it seems like the Micro 380 is giving everyone problems.
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Did you adjust the Crimson trace? or are you using the factory sights?
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I remember back in the day when men were men and sheep were nervous, and everything had iron sights. You just shot your handgun and fudged the point of aim. If you fired your pistol often enough, you knew where it was going to hit. Just focusing on the front sight alone usually made tight, torso hits on silhouette targets.

Yes, the Crimson Trace can be adjusted.

Ship the pistol back to Yonkers, sounds like something is off. But it's better than stewing about it. When properly adjusted it might be your favorite CCW piece.
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Am I correct in that the gun runs fine other then the slide locking back on last round? If so it’s probably just the magazine that needs to be replaced or tuned, a simple matter. As to the shot placement there’s a real good possibility that it’s an operator problem. Someone will be along soon with a shot placement chart that shows how ones grip and trigger finger action will pull the round low and left for a right handed shooter. I do it after a hundred rounds or so, when I see my shots going low and left I know I’m tired and need a break.
Although there is the possibility the sights are off which is another simple fix of calling Kimber and they will take care of it.
I’m sure Chuck will be along soon with Kimber contact info.
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Originally Posted by bigdog10 View Post
Did you adjust the Crimson trace? or are you using the factory sights?
Was using factory sights, didn't bother with the trace, saw no point in trying it. Myself and my son shot it with the same results, poa is way off. I called kimber several times and they must be very busy, they put me on hold and that's as far as it would go. 20yrs of shooting various makes and models of firearms and I have never seen a more problematic item that was ok-ed to leave the factory. Holding 8 inches high to hit the bulls eye is a bit much to fudge in a real world situation. I see there are other posts about similar problems so I guess im not the only unhappy camper.
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I already know you don't wanna hear this but here goes. All you need to do is practice a good firm grip and hopefully you are using the extended mag with the plastic pinky extension. Experiment with finger placement on the trigger and concentrate on a smooth steady press on the trigger. I highly doubt that Kimber put the wrong sights or a crooked barrel on the gun; it's such a tiny little thing that it takes a little practice and discipline to shoot right. However it's not bull's-eye pistol it's basically a belly gun. I'm willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut that you are right handed. Many experienced and non-experienced right hand shooters hit low left with a new gun. My wife has two Kimber Micro's and she's a small gal and not very strong but she's been shooting them for a couple of years and has no trouble hitting a small paper plate at 15-20 yards.
Here's a little test for you; practice dry firing with the laser on the wall and go ahead and take a shot and watch the laser jump low/left. If it does, it's you not the gun.
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so how is the sig shooting?
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You mean this one?
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Same story, different day! Owned for a year and now firing...wow.

Here is the trigger chart.
Attached Images
File Type: jpeg Trigger Chart.jpeg (103.7 KB, 34 views)
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