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(Two) Range rpts: Mothership for 2-3 .380 Micros ?

Y'all know I now own FOUR .380 Micros. Three I love; one is ugly. ('bout 90% sure I'm gonna sell the ugly tan one -- got two neighbor ladies who like it.)

Second range trip, not this msg:
Took 400 rounds and all four Micros (just them: everyone else stayed home in the gunsafe; even the 9mm Micro!) up to the range a week ago, by myself -- of which, more next msg.... (Oh, and plus the five new Kimber extended mags I got.)

First range trip for the newer two:
Couple weeks ago, I took up to the range the TWO new ones ( (the Sapphire and the ugly-tan; not yet including the Eclipse: I hadn't won THAT yet ) -- I also took my friend Sam, because:

Using my help, Sam bought two .380 stainless Micros -- and through misunderstandings, I had arranged to have them sent to MY FFL for him to pick up. (No, I did NOT "buy them for him!" EEK! Federal offense!!) But, long before then, I had conferred with my FFL -- could she receive the guns for him? Yes, as long as he had GA pic ID! I asked him specifically, because then he could pick them up at my FFL. GA considers him a FLA resident, but he's mostly both. He TOLD me he had GA pic ID!

To order the guns (one for Key West, one for ATL), I called from his house, talked to the store (advertising/auctioning them on Gunbroker) and asked the guy to sell Sam two STL .380s for $400 each and he could ship on my UPS to save that fee. The guy broke out his calculator, said yes to $400 each and they'd STILL ship free!! Cool! Told him my FFL info and handed the phone to Sam, who made the purchase.

But, Sam misunderstood or wasn't listening to me or whatever when I asked him if he HAD GA pic ID to pick up the guns. Argh. A week or so later, we show up at my FFL, all loaded for shooting (still planning to prolly just use my guns, cause his would be fresh out of the box) -- and when the guy asked for GA pic ID, Sam said, "I don't have one." !!!!

So, we arranged to have the guns sent on FFL-to-FFL to a Key West FFL ("I think there's one there, he's only open Wed and Thurs." ) for him to pickup (he was heading back down to FLA the next day). (Should I whine that he ALSO just came back from two+ weeks down there -- and went to pick up his guns the day before he was driving back up here -- and discovered FLA has a waiting period?!? YARG!!)

Aaaaany way: so, we took my guns into the range.

I mentioned somewhere here that I was so busy reloading for HIM to keep shooting my guns, that I forgot to check out the action of my pretty new trigger on my EDC? Yup. I shot a 4-5 mags in my EDC too (same gun as the two Sam bought) -- but didn't think about it. (Did NOT have any firing problems with my STNLS EDC that day... of which, more next msg...)

Well, that and I was concentrating on the two new guns getting their first 'run'; and having a bunch of FTEs and FTLs and stovepipes... Yes, I HAD disassembled, cleaned and greased the new ones (and the EDC). So, I have now DLed a bunch of 'where to lube a Kimber' vids -- to go with the several 'how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble without any parts left over' vids I already DLed .... cause I was just guessing on where/how to lube/grease...

Also, not surprised that they had problems on their first go. Was using Freedom Munitions which have that short, flat face... Also, that was all I had at the time -- Monday, I got in 1,000 rnds of Fiocchi from Ammoman: Total: $310.30: (1,000) .380 Auto Fiocchi 95 Grain FMJ $290.00 Tax $20.30 Free shipping: 4 reward points).

Also, didn't 'track' which guns had which problems -- figured I was just throwing lead down the lane to start them off... (ALSO forgot to track on my four-Micro visit to the range two weeks ago -- of which, more below!)

Sam had fun... but I'm going to have to talk to him seriously about this one-handed shooting crap! YES, you need to be able to, because you may be hurt or need one hand to guide kids or open a door or whatever -- but NOT as your 1st/always shooting posture! ARGH! AND I'm still trying to talk him out of his: "I'll always fire a warning shoot -- out the window into the ground." DOUBLE ARGH!!! (Jiminy crickets!!!)

He's being hunted by antifa all the time now, doxxed and followed... Several months ago, I gave him one of my Kimber pepper sprays till we get him truly armed... but DAMN! He has GOT to learn that as a real estate lawyer he does NOT KNOW SH|T about self-defense law! (Doctors make the worst patients!!)

So. My two new guns (and I dimly remember MAYBE the STNL with the new trigger too) choked a bunch of times. (Still -- I got REALLY comfortable with handling FTEs and FTLs... And, just like disassembling, and reassembling four Micros several times; DOING it a lot makes it easier to do! Not disturbed by it; expected it with the new guns (is THAT bad?) and planned to go run more rounds through to loosen 'em up, or whatever... (I guess I have a sense that not ALL Kimbers come out of the box tetchy, but many do, and we love them anyway!)

Oddly (but not a surprise?) the ugly-tan ran somewhat BETTER than the Sapphire (ugly-redheaded-stepchild makes good?). But still not perfect. So, brought 'em home, cleaned 'em up again, and decided on a solo trip to the range (my first ever -- it that weird or what? I have always 'planned' on range trips as teaching trips for newbies... Thanka to you lovely gentlemen of KT for finally 'tipping' me to recognize that not only CAN I go by myself -- I SHOULD!!
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Okay, so got my lovely Eclipse. (Did I post about that? I think maybe? Not in detail or maybe on someone else's thread? Eh, don't remember much anymore!)

LOVELY Eclipse!! $455.00
Priority Mail $15.00
Total: $470.00
FFL fee here: $25.00
Cost overall: $495.00

Average of Kimber's list ($734) and 4-5 store prices: $695
I DID GOOD!!! And it's pretty!
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That's a great deal on a pretty little Eclipse.
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Well El, my brain is kind of spinning from reading all of that. However I do have one take away:

Sam firing a "warning shot" = among many legal issues, will get Sam (KILLED)!
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Range trip two:

Part fun, part "oh sheesh!"

Now three brand-new guns, plus five new mags. (Mags: Kimber Micro .380 ACP 7-Round Magazine with Finger Rest- Stainless Steel
I bought all 5 available: for $18.99 each plus UPS: $14.18)

So. My THREE new guns still choked a bunch of times. (Still -- I got REALLY comfortable with handling FTEs and FTLs.)

Ran 400 rounds through the four guns... tried to ID mags that 'worked' with each gun -- didn't have a marker or anything, so ended up leaving the empty mags in the Kimber cloth cases WITH the gun that liked that mag... But, NOT organized and NOT recorded. Will take a marker with me next time and actually test the mags.

Have now DLed a bunch of 'mag care and fitting' vids to watch too! The five new mags were Kimber OEM in Kimber packaging. (Although I learned here? somewhere? that Kimber apparently buys whomever and stamps their name on them?!)

So, all four shoot well and pretty accurately (wasn't paying that much attention to making groupings -- just 'feeling' how they shot, and handling problems as they arose. DID use one of those targets that are rows of playing cards? Tried to hit one card per round... did okay, not, great, got bored and began trying to empty a mag on one card. (Spurred by shooting the 'foot-square' turkey, raven, and groundhog targets -- and nearly cutting them OFF the holder! I DO have good aim when I try!) (And even when I don't!)

Still a bunch of FTE and FTL. A few empty cartridges pushed up into the barrel (not ejecting AND getting pushed forward by the next round not successfully loading)... Again, did NOT track which gun which mag. Will do so.

One thing I noticed as I stripped and prepared the Eclipse (and the other three) and spurred by a commenter here somewhere -- was that two of them had the flat, long spring and the guide rod with the half-moon cut-out. Two did not; they had the short round spring and the full-circle guide rod. Veddy interesting...

Gun three below IS my Stainless EDC -- I swapped the grips out for the ones that came on the Sapphire when I got the new ones for the Sapphire (pic 2).

Took these pix to send to Kimber and ask what they want to do about springs and guide rods! I'd ALSO like to get ambi safetys put on Eclipse and Stainless -- I'm a leftie... it doesn't work to have right-hand-only safety for me! I DID put the tan gun guide rod and spring into my Stainless -- to see how it works next range trip.

On to the NEXT message for my OMG -- can I even CARRY my EDC now?!?! (I'm all caffeinated -- kin yah tell?)
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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
Well El, my brain is kind of spinning from reading all of that. However I do have one take away:

Sam firing a "warning shot" = among many legal issues, will get Sam (KILLED)!
Oh HEYULL YEAH!!!! And the courts here would LOOOOOOVE to get him ... "in their sights" ... they mess about with him all the time just because they can: fine him for 'too tall" grass on a vacant lot: but IGNORE the vacant lot next door with 3X as high... (usually cause the city OWNS that lot! )

But, he's an old guy AND a lawyer AND thinks he knows the law so much better than I do -- and so he DOES -- in HIS bailiwick! THIS AIN'T THAT! I've been studying like mad on the law and self-defense... cause I MAY (god forbid!) be called on to use it!

DEFINITELY gonna work like mad to awaken him!!
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Bigger problem? Maybe?

The Stainless Micro EDC had a problem -- or *I* did?!

Amongst FTE and FTL (maybe new mag problems? cause sometimes, fired like the CHAMP it has always been -- hence my EDC.)

This trip (and again, dammnit... I didn't record which gun, which problem except for this one, which was pretty terrifying!)

So, MAYBE the STNL has this problem, maybe not... but over 400 rounds across four guns, several of the guns had a lockback, or fail to fire, because there was an empty cartridge sitting forward IN the barrel which a rack, tap, and clear wouldn't move (stuck!). So, lock the slide; pop the mag, dump the 'trying-to-load' next round (usually it just rolled happily out the grip, so good for that!); clunk the poor gun on the bench... nope... finally used a Q-tip (!!) down the barrel to nudge it free.

NOT happy to do it -- but I was EXTREMELY careful to ensure no lives rounds anywhere near the gun(s) while I did this (only three times, I think... scary enough that I remember THOSE!)

MAYBE the STNL has trouble with the new trigger too – OR maybe I was limp wristing it after 300+ rounds... REALLY love the new trigger: smoother, just-barely lighter than the regulars. I did test that, swapping between guns and seeing if I could tell the diff. (I did also try shooting one-handed, either hand, ran a mag with each. Hit the target every round, but of course slower and not so tight...)

So, scary-bad problem with my EDC: a couple-three times -- different mags (I know THAT, because two were extended, one was flush when it happened) -- I'd fire off the penultimate (second to last) round -- and the final round would follow WITHOUT ME PULLING THE TRIGGER! (Once or twice, the round hit the ceiling insulation!!)

Holy ... whatever! Now, it was at the very end of 2.5 hours of solid shooting (except for multiple times reloading 10-12 mags; 3 flush, the rest extended -- LOVE that BabyUplula! HATE that name!), so it may have been that my finger was still on the trigger (well, yeah, cause I was reacquiring target for an immediate fire) AND I was too tired to not reflexively (?) be pulling it?

(Thankfully, I DO know that I have reflexive, inculcated, absolute muzzle control -- even when frantically brushing off a burning cartridge, my muzzle NEVER leaves the downrange backstop! So, that's nice.)

Now, Arland (thanks!) suggests it could be a problem with the firing pin or sear. ({wince} as if I knew what THOSE are!) I was very careful with the ... ejector pin? ... when putting the slide(s) back on -- so I still think the FTEs may be the FM rounds or limp wristing? And, of course, SOME of the mags were solid, some maybe not-so-much?

I'll try out the new Fiocchi (and record what happens to each gun and mag!) before I think about sending any of them back to the Mothership... And, if they send me new guide rod and springs for the two Micros with the old style... that could be involved?

More (Ha!) after I go again!

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My wife's Micros as well as her P238 choke on those lil flat nose bullets.
We practice with WWB and Critical Defence. 100%
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Buy American - MAGA!
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Wowie buffalo bob
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Antifa... warning shots... no ID... criss-cross FFL coordination... don't know what which guns... on and on and on. Quite candidly, I'm relieved to hear that the two of you made it home without major incident.

Snow, I understand being excited about all these Micros you have but next range visit you might consider taking just one Micro and not taking someone who divides your attention.
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