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Misfire Issues

Hello all!

First time posting, and unfortunately it’s not good news.
So I purchased a used micro from a private citizen. He told me it was a “safe queen” that he had only put fifty rounds through.
I just got out to shoot it for the first time and some of the rounds didn’t discharge. Upon looking at spent shells my father-in-law and I noticed several shallow strikes. Could this be due to a weak hammer spring? I believe the hammer didn’t fall on at least one shot. While several didn’t actually strike the primer at all.

Thanks ahead of time.
I look forward to being a Kimber carrier for a long time because I really enjoyed shooting it. (Even with striking issues, and a few failure to feeds)
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can't help with the M9 problems but others here probably can good luck.
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lube the trigger
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Thanks! I have a .380 by the way, I should have posted that initially.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Originally Posted by Trooper676 View Post
Could this be due to a weak hammer spring?
Yes, it could. However, it's not where I'd start.

The first thing I'd do is disassemble, clean, and lube the entire gun. That includes removing the firing pin, cleaning that entire area, and reassembling dry.

From there, I'd give it the "pencil test." Actually, pencils aren't that great because the wood gets divots in it and then they stop working. I like those flexible plastic ball point pens... maybe made by Bic?

So if the firing pin consistently propels the pen/pencil out of the muzzle by a foot or more, then you're probably good to go back to the range and give it another shot.
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I think your on to something there. He said light hits and some not hitting at all. Sounds like some gunk in the firing pin channel could cause light strikes and interfere with the firing pin block. That would be my first plan of action too.

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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa. I would first start with the advice RustyIron gave you. What brand and type of ammo are you using ?
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Rusty gave you the right advice, just remember you do not lube the firing pin when you reassemble it. If it's still giving you problems contact Kimbers Customer Service I wouldn't mention you are the second owner unless asked.

Customer Service:

Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: MF, 9:30 a.m. 6 p.m. Eastern
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Thanks everyone! I’ll see about breaking it down today if I have time. The ammo I used was American Eagle FMJ rounds.
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