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My 2nd Kimber , Desert Tan Micro

So been looking for a pocket carry .380 for about a year now, and after trying several different mfg's I settled on the Kimber Micro .380 Desert Tan. Found this one used and what looks to be almost unfired. I can't see ANY typical metal to metal wear anywhere on the slide or frame. Got it for $440 OTD with 2x mags. Had a chance to get it to the range today and you tend to wonder why a mint gun gets traded in, but my LGS has a no hassle 30 day warranty so I was covered if it proved to be a jammster. Well, to my delight my new / used Micro ran absolutely flawless with 3 different types of factory ammo including 95 gr cast RN remans' . Slide locked open after every empty mag. Accuracy was REALLY impressive with the Fiocchi 95 gr RN's I shot an awesome 5.5" group at 25' (this is excellent for me as I suck). The Kimber Micro feels perfect and secure in my hand even with the 6 round flush mag. The 7 round extended mag feels even better. Very smooth shooter for a compact 380. No doubt heavier than polymer framed , but again a very smooth cycling. Feels a tad lighter than my wife's Sig P238 . Shot about 80 rounds today, and not a single cycling issue. The micro carrys very well in my pocket as long as my pockets are on the "large" size. A few of my jeans have tight pockets and they won't work. I'm a very thin build, so the Micro will be a perfect summer tee shirt pocket carry as opposed to my larger Beretta Nano which is too large for me to conceal under a Tee shirt. I carry the Nano in the cooler months appendix IWB under loose sweatshirts / hoodie / jacket.

A little strange, this Desert Tan model is all the same color. All the models I searched are a 2 tone Desert Tan / Black scheme. This must be an older model.

So I got a "micro" 380, and a "mega" Target II 10mm LS !
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Nice pick up, enjoy!
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Congratulations, enjoy it.
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I have a similar Kimber pistol, in fact, it might be the same model. I carry mine in a little Kydex thumb-break, and sometimes I have to pat myself down to make sure I still have it.

Back in the darker days where we spake onto each other in an Arthurian tongue, most of us carried a full size 1911 in a 'Miami Vice' holster, using three loaded magazines on the 'off side' to balance out the weight.
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Originally Posted by Road_Clam View Post
So I got a "micro" 380, and a "mega" Target II 10mm LS !
Very nice! Had great luck with our 380, no malfunctions save for those induced from major limp wristing from her shooting, easily addressed.

Love 10mm, and the idea of a perfect pair, keeping that same manual of arms, but hows the reliability on that Target II?
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Great score glad to hear that you like it...
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