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? The .380? Here's a real life scenario for ya...

So I have a Kimber micro CDP as my everyday carry gun. My aunt hit a deer this weekend but it did not kill it. It ended up breaking his right front shoulder. The rescue center I called (since its a felony to keep live deer now) spoke with me about his injuries. She advised that if it were his back leg then he could still live a decent life but with it being his front right shoulder he could live for about 2 years and then they would have to euthanize it because it would take a huge toll on his only front leg remaining. With that being said, she advised that it would be best to put it out of its misery, which I absolutely hated to have to do that. I carry the Liberty Civil Defense which has a velocity of 1500fps for a .380 caliber. I took aim at 15 feet and shot it once in his head killing him instantly. I went ahead and followed up with a shot to his heart just to be sure he didn't suffer. After that I buried the deer and the rescue center lady I spoke with on the phone was very appreciative for what I did for the deer. With all this being said, I am very confident in my carry weapon and I have no problem trusting my life with it, should the time arise when I would need to do so. Train train train with the weapon you carry and focus on your shot placement. If you can master that, you will have no problem eliminating the threat or in my case putting an animal, who is suffering, out of his misery.
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To bad about the deer and excellent decision. My Micro Carry is my EDC 95% of they time over my Sig 938. Only because of weight extra concealebility.
I also know my control and accuracy with that Micro is unreal. Just a great gun to shoot and control. It is always great to hear a real life story as opposed to one of the Jello!!! stories. Espcially when it comes to the 380 round and Micro as you often hear so much concern about it. Thanks for the story and a little shot of more confidence in the Micro. (No pun intended.)
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No venison dinner? Whaaaaaaat?

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Originally Posted by bhunted View Post
No venison dinner? Whaaaaaaat?

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You took the words right out of my mouth! Tell me you kept the back strap.


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Love my Micro, surprised some do gooder did not call SWAT team because of you burying bodies.
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