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Range report new kimber Micro

Hi everyone, my name is Bob from LA, the good LA, Lower Alabama, just got my new kimber micro 380 yesterday and took it to the range today. First impressions, great gun to shoot, low recoil for a small gun. Put about 150 rounds thru it with no problems at all, winchester white box, critical defense hollow pts, and even some cheap tula ammo from walmart! It took it all, no ftf or fte. The range shop had a sig p238 that I was able to compare the micro to. They are almost identical in size and everything, the only noticable difference is that the sig slide was blocky and the micro slide was more rounded. So far I love the micro, shoots great. Just need to upgrade it to some sights like the sig has. I was also able to shoot a sig p938 that someone had next to me at the range, it has a much more noticeable kick to it and I imagine would not be fun to shoot as much as the micro.
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Welcome to the forum from Cardinal Nation.....

Did I read this before or is my Skyy going down way too smooth ??...
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Welcome to KT. Starting with a range report was a good move.
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Originally Posted by Insta-Gator View Post
Welcome to KT. Starting with a range report was a good move.
Even better! He started with a SALE!! (Which, being a girl, I meediately took advantage of! )

Welcome John!
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Welcome to the forum. The more shoot it the more you will like it
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Welcome and Micro sounds good. I too had my first range session with a Micro STS I just acquired. The gun shot very smooth, much more than the Sig 238 or the Kahr P380. The gun shot to point of aim and I was able to shoot about 100rds of range/self defense ammo w/o incident. DO NOT shoot Herters, the gun was just filthy after the box of this ammo. I then shot some Federal HST, my carry stuff, some CorBon, and a few Winchester I had laying around. With a couple of exceptions, I kept all rounds into a eight inch paper plate within an acceptable grouping at 7 yds. I also shot another plate at 20yds, keeping the rounds on the plate with only 1 out of 12 missing. The gun is pretty darn accurate and sights are acceptable. I think I will refrain from getting the night sights as this gun is pretty much a close up PD pistol and not one I will need to find on the night stand. I have heard the extended mags are NOT working very well. (SOLO was same) but have found several well known manufacturers have mags available and I did use three Colt Govt 380 mags w/o any malfunctions. Great little gun that I am sure I will only grow to like more.
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Great to know as I have one on order for my wife.
Ordered a Solo DC LG for myself and Micro CDP LG for my wife.
The Solo arrived at my dealers a week ago but still waiting on my wife's Micro before I pick them both up.
Wonder why it's taking so long for the Micro? Getting anxious to pick them both up.
As a side note, is there any way to get the production numbers on specific Kimber models? Anyone out there know?
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Production numbers are a closely held secrete shared only with the ATF.
Marshall likes this.
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