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cousinmark 02-16-2016 01:27 PM

2/16/16 range report
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...Ok, so outing #4 since getting back from Kimber. Couldn't have gone better other than my aim :-)
...started out with a mag of Hornady custom 90gr XTP, a mag of Fiocchi extreme 90gr XTP and then two boxes (100 rounds) of Fiocchi 95gr FMJ (red box) I ordered the "pistol shooting dynamics 95gr" (blue box) wound up getting the red? My Carry likes that too so no biggie. I lubed with the Battle Born oil that came in from Brownell's while I was away. It's not much thicker than water and clear. Ran with the stock Kimber spring as well today.
...100% zero failures of any sort, Brownells sent me an email saying that because of the mistake in shipping with the ammo and since it can't be returned they'd be crediting me for it :-) I didn't ask for that and it was they're idea, so :-) Wish I had ordered more than 5 boxes! I replied saying thanks and I'd be ordering from them again. up I used the new Breakthrough solvent and was impressed, no smell and I think it worked better than Hoppe's. This recoil spring now has about 300 rounds on it now and looked fine as well. a pretty good day :-) is at about 25'

2sharp2 02-16-2016 02:32 PM

Good shooting Cuz! Target is DRT. (dead right there)

Spotly 02-16-2016 03:19 PM

Nice shooting. Glad you had an excellent day at the range.

GoingSolo 02-16-2016 03:49 PM

Looks like you had a good day! Nice!

wannabewheeler 02-16-2016 03:53 PM

I love a happy ending

sent from a Galaxy far away

Islander 02-16-2016 04:05 PM

Looks like you had some fun.

Chuck43 02-16-2016 04:08 PM

Nice range report Mark, it looks like your problems are all in the past.

Donald 02-16-2016 05:01 PM

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Nice range report. So happy to hear your Micro is officially broke in and performing flawlessly. I have a bottle of the same oil and have use it on my guns. It seems to work just fine.

cousinmark 02-16-2016 07:04 PM

... thanks guys :-)
... yup, close to 250 rounds now flawlessly :-) and two glitches in the 200+ before that :-) I'm thinking locking the thumb of my left hand in between the frame and forward side of the trigger guard is a big factor? Seems much more secure than letting the thumb rest on the frame alone.
... only thing is now I'm wondering more and more about a pro size in 9mm :-) :-) :-)

cannot 02-16-2016 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by cousinmark (Post 109031)
I ordered the "pistol shooting dynamics 95gr" (blue box) wound up getting the red?

I ordered blue boxes last week but received red boxes yesterday. :confused:

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