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Kimber micro raptor

Unfortunately my pocket carry .380 was stolen so I'm in the market for a summer carry down here in Texas.

I was carrying a Kahr P380 and have zero issues out of it. Good weight, size, ect

Someone needed it more then me so I need to find a replacement.

I was 100% on board with the Kimber Micro Raptor but it looks like these have been pretty inconsistent in reliability and finish.

I was planning to grab a stainless however it seems these have a green tint?

Please talk me back into the Raptor
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Micro is a fine little pistol, clean, lube, "run wetter than normal" use quality ammo and it should be good to go.

Show us pics of a green Raptor, I have not seen one. I have a Stainless Raptor Ultra doesn't look green to me.
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imo...and once as a owner, the Kahr P380 is a fine pocket gun. Since you can't fill a mag with R.I.P 380acp today, buy another Kahr.

I doubt anyone here will offer a good reason not to buy a Micro Raptor. It's a lovely little pocket gun for man or beast. May buy a Black Raptor for the 'beast'...sooner than later.

I suggest you rent a Micro first. Since you've owned a striker,Kahr's offset trigger has a great feel....imo.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!! I don't have first hand knowledge of the Micro so can't offer an opinion. I am a big fan of Kahrs though.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Texag0842.
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Sig P238 I own the P238 and a Micro. Micro is not functioning right now so if you need a pocket 380 right now I'd go out and buy a P238. JMHO
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I saw a STS micro last week. It was very nice feeling and looking! I never fired it. The only green I saw was me being green with envy that the dealer had it and I didn't. I have a p938, Solo and a p238. I will have a micro sometime this year I hope. If you like it buy it. Work the bugs out if any and then shoot the hell out of it. Good Luck!
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I have a Stainless Micro Raptor and l really enjoy mine. I ran some 70 grain ammo thru the first magazine and and had a failure everytime I shot it. Then I went to 95 and 100 grain fmj and jhp's. I have had one fte out of the next 208 rounds and l relaxed my grip on that one. It is a pure joy to shoot and definite keeper. Yes it has a green tint on the frame in certain light. It's name is Kermit.
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I have not tried anything less than 95 grain in mine. Wonder what would happen
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Kermit is a beautiful firearm, period
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