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Failure to battery

Just bought the Micro Carry 380. Put 50 rounds of Federal through it when it started not to battery. Cleaned and oiled the gun but the problem still persists. Changed to Remington ammo and the problem is no better. I see other people having the same problems, but haven't seen any solutions to this problem. Any ideas before I send it back?
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Send it back! Mine has been great since it was worked on.
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Originally Posted by Feats72 View Post
Any ideas before I send it back?
Yes, Kimber claims that no break-in is required. Many on this forum feel otherwise based on experience. I'd put at least another 200 rounds down range, if afterwards it misbehaves then consider a return to Yonkers. Mine and several others displayed similar problems, but improved with time.
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Do a search for Colgate toothpaste on this forum. Sounds crazy but some swear it works. Can you push the slide to battery with your thumb? If so either toothpaste or more rounds . You can always send it back.
Please keep us posted.
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Send it back without wasting any more time and money. There should be no break-in required and you shouldn't have to find the perfect ammo...that said, Fiocchi seems to work for most people.
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Like Spotly said you can wind up spending a good amount of time trying to figure it out. Kimber will probably send you a new recoil spring to try and chances are that may fix it? If not send her in and let them check her over would be my suggestion. Good luck
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Welcome to the Forum...We have a Kimber Micro Carry, love it.
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Feats72 You might want to read my posts in the Micro thread titled "Is It Really That Bad.."on my ongoing issue, similar to yours. My comments start on page 12. Good luck!

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