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Range Report

Put about 200 rounds through the Micro Raptor 380 SS. At first the thing shot flawlessly. Shooting FM it got dirty pretty quick then started to fail to return to battery completely,give it a slight nudge and she would fire.Took it apart and cleaned it then seemed to work good until the dirty came back. Never had a problem feeding until I used the extended mags ... But I removed the bottom pinky plates and they would not feed. Those must stay in place or they don,t work. I tried my sig 380 mags with no luck feeding. Bottom line is I like the gun not in Love yet but I am going to put a Wolf recoil spring in from a Colt 380 it is 11lb so we will see if that helps. Also the grip screws seemed to loosen up after 100 or so. That is All...... BTW shot the Super carry Ultra 45 about 200 rounds not one problem ;-))))
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Hope you get it worked out. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Hang in there and pick up some #60 o-rings at your local home center. Slip them on the grip screws so they sit under the head and don't over tighten the screws. The o-rings will work like lock washers.
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Kimber recommends cleaning and lubing your Ultra, Pro and custom/full size gun every 100 rounds or if it gets dirty, clean sooner. I looked up the Micro manual and couldn't find the recommended cleaning interval. I'm a little tired and may have just missed it but if this is the recommendation for their other guns I would think this should work with a micro. 200 rounds maybe too many rounds before cleaning.
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I've got the same model Raptor and found that cleaning and lubing after each 100 rounds reduced the FTF's and FTE's to zero. Agree the FM's run a little dirty, so cleaning is a must. I found that after about 300 rounds my Raptor will run 100% and on every type of 380 round I've tried. I hope you will grow to like yours, too. Keep us posted on your break-in progress.
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Those slide channels are so small they tend to foul up easily enough to cause a problem with gritty ammo. I've had some feeding issues with the 7 round mags too but they seem to be fewer and fewer as the mags get used. May want to load them up and let them sit to help them break in.
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Another note that I learned between P238 and Micro mag interchangeability is that the Micro 7rd mags (and Colt Mustang) fit and work well in the P238. Sig 7rd mags, however, must first have minor shaving of the poly floor plate to fit the Micro. Just in case you have not already learned this. 6 rounders are a direct and easy fit.
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