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micro failure to lock back

Hey, new to the forum but not Kimber. Have used my Super Carry Pro for at least a year, never a problem, not one. Was romanced by a little beauty, the Micro Carry two tone Rosewood, bought it. Fired 50 rounds yesterday after cleaning and lubing prior. Not once did it lock back after the last round. Also had 4 FTE's. It shoots beautifully, nice tight groups at 7, 10, and 15 yards. Smooth as silk and like my Super Carry I expect it to get even better. I've been advised (on forums) to modify my grip. If this doesn't work I'll try another mag; two of which I just ordered. Am I on the right track? Otherwise back to Yonkers it goes.
Thanks in advance.

80 Deuce

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Try shooting it with one hand to see if you are maybe riding the release. Try different magazines for sure. I am not sure if the FTEs are related but I might try different ammo too.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois 80 Deuce.
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First, welcome to the Forum from almost the Middle of Tennessee. Have you preloaded your mags and let them sit for several days? Have you used Snap Caps before? Load a mag with them and then cycle them through the pistol to see after the last one is ejected it doesn't lock back. Helps to eliminate actually firing the pistol.....just my thoughts. We have a Kimber Micro Carry 380....love it.
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Thank you all. Your experience and knowledge is valued. I'll try it all--Tuesday is a range day for me so we'll see.

80 Deuce
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee!

Is your slide stop spring installed correctly?
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I'm far from a gunsmith but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express a few nights ago :-)
...If you haven't be sure the slide will lock solidly open with an empty mag manually, that will confirm the slide stop is working with the mag you've got. If so it would suggest it's timing related. Different ammo may wind up working better? Breaking in the recoil spring and pistol itself may wind up fixing it and the ammo you're using will work fine? When you say "failure to eject" if there's a fired shell caught between the slide and barrel the could suggest that the slide's getting there sooner than it should, again a little break in may fix it as the spring gets softer? I know you shouldn't be having issues after 3 or 400 rounds provided the gun is clean and you're using decent ammo. Hope that helps, good luck next time out.
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Welcome to the forum. Check the shaft on the slide lock for any rough spots. Mine had a glob/defect and caused the same issue.
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Again thank you all for inputs. Still not locking back with new magazine. Called Kimber. Nice folks, they are sending me another (tested) magazine from Yonkers,
and a new recoil spring from (I think he said) Montana. Otherwise back it goes.
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I'm a newbie here, and don't have anywhere near the expertise of many of these guys. I can say, though, that all three of my Kimbers have required a break-in before they'd run right. My Tactical Custom has maybe 3K rounds through it, and still starts complaining about being dirty after 100 or so without cleaning.
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