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Your best bet is get the stream, not spray.
It -will- be an issue in wind.

These may sound weird. Use to have to qualify once a year. Go take a class and get qualified.

We use to use the buddy system. Everyone gets shot. One at a time. Your buddy will be by your side and when you get shot, he will grab you under the arm if you become unstable to keep you from hurting yourself. He will walk you around after you stick your gead in a bucket of water.

It affects me by just leaving my eyes burn and want to throw up. We had another guy fall to the ground and squirm. Another was burning so bad he had 5 ft snots hanging from his nose and drooling.

The big surprise was a 6.4ft Mexican that got sprayed twice from 2 separate cans. He wiped his face with his hands and said thatís all?
We thought something was wrong with the can but it was brand new. He said hit him again. We opened a brand new can. Hardly any affect.
We asked him how the hell and he said he eats a lot of real hot spicy foods. He said he had hotter. He was immune.

Good to have a guy like him on your side. Bad if he is the enemy.

Why did we have to get qualed every year? One reason was the Judges take was they want you to know what its like and not abuse it.

Try it and have someone ready to help you stand by.

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There is a small percentage of the population that won't be much affected by pepper spray, I forget the actual number they told us but it is well under 5%. Being highly drunk or high also reduces it's effectiveness, unfortunate since those are the folks more likely to need an attitude adjustment.
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Originally Posted by Jim in NV View Post
The wasp spray was discussed in my CCW class and the instructor told us that if we used it as a personal defense, we could be liable and would very likely lose in a courtroom. Just my $.02. But, I think a better idea would be to buy a large can of "bear spray" and rely on it for personal defense.
My wife has the Kimber product, but I have no experience with it. When I was working, I bought a small can of pepper spray from the local police supply store; I only needed it 1 time, but it stopped an imminent attack from a 75 lb pit bull and it stopped the attack IMMEDIATELY.
Delivering newspapers as a kid....water pistol and ammonia...yeah, not cool...unless youíre 9 years old and a big ass dog wants you for target practice...got me once and tore up my ankle...no one would admit to owning it...
Only used it once...yelped and ran quick the other way...after that, all I did was point my finger and that guy yelped and ran away ... again...please donít call PETA...
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years ago me and my friend were talking out in the garage..suddenly we both started chocking ect...we look around thinking something spilt or was burning. we didn't find anything..5 minutes later his wife comes back...she left a about five minutes before we has the issue for a walk...we told he about the weird smell...she says, "the only thing i did was spray some of this dog repellant to see if it sprays"
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Wow, hm. Not sure how I feel about seeing this topic bumped.

RIP GMountain.
"And here I thought necessities were toilet paper, ammo, bourbon and dog food but what do I know" -Chuck43
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I used one last year on a dog. It worked ok but was not easy to aim at target. I have had better luck with canister type.
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Interesting. I bought a pepper blaster. Haven't had to use it.
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I bought 3 of the Kimber pepper blasters for my Two daughters and my Daughter in law. They had a 3 pack special. Watch the YouTube videos of them being used. I donít want hit with it.

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