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Grabbing the gongs with Kimber

I've been away for so long I feel like a new member

Anyhow, myself and my boys have been doing some shooting, most notably the Australian IPSC Handgun Nationals in April and the New South Wales IPSC State Titles also in April of this year.

I took my TMII to both matches and I'm sad to say the it became a 'pump action 1911'. As it turns out though it wasn't the guns fault, my thumb was riding the slide and slowing it down. None the less, at the Nationals I placed 8th in Classic division, shooting B grade and was (still am) very happy with that.

The Nationals was the first actual match my youngest, he's 13, had shot and he did really well with his ST II. His aim was to get through the 3 days without being disqualified, he managed to get through and even showed some older hands up.

We faired a lot better at the New South Wales match, I grabbed 2nd place but the young lad did even better, he took out 1st junior in D grade and also the Classic division junior state champ.

As for my eldest lad, well he shoots a CZ, he got through both matches as well and took 2nd junior in C grade Production division at the New South Wales match.

Going away and shooting with my kids is great, seeing them start to excel in their sport is better, but the best thing is when others comment on their safety and abilities - yep you guessed it, I'm one proud dad!

Here is what the youngest brought home.
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It's good to see you back on the forum Coolbreeze205 and you have every right to be a proud dad, nice report.
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That has to feel great to be able to watch your boys compete and you being able to compete in the same sport also.

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There's nothing better than a proud Dad. Congrats to you both
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Congratulations to you and your sons! Well done!
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Another congratulations to you and your boys.
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I want to add my congrats, too. I remember shooting with my son when he was a lad and we both had a great time. He's much older now, lives 2,000 miles away and we just don't get out to the range now, but will always cherish those early days at the range.

Keep building those memories with your boys!
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Congratulation, that is super cool and you have every right to be proud. I would be.

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Grabbing the gongs with Kimber

Congrats, glad your boys enjoy shooting with dad and like the competition.

cherish those days at the range before they grow up and start life's of their own.

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Wow! Coolbreeze that is so awesome! Congratulations to all of you! Keep us posted on future competitions! Peace
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