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k6s trigger

Just joined as I just picked up a k6s. Great shooter and well built. I noticed something though and thought I would ask if anyone else see this. With the k6s, the trigger pull is very smooth and the trigger return is smooth and not quite as "abrupt" as that on my j frames, meaning I can control the trigger return better on the k6s during return. The j frames seem to snap back with little ability to slow or stop the return before it completely resets.

Anyway, if you pull the trigger on the k6s and do not let it completely return forward, the trigger will lock up when you then try to pull it again. It will unlock if you then release the trigger completely. I can reproduce it easily by riding the trigger to the full release but just a bit shy of full release. I can't really duplicate this on my j frames as I said, the trigger returns with more force.

Can others reproduce this? I just want to make sure there is nothing going on with mine that's abnormal.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa jtmo3. I don't own a K6s but I'm sure one of the K6s owners will answer your question.
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Yes. Mine is the same way. You do not have a "bad gun", you just have a slightly different operating system in that gun. It is important to always make sure any revolvers DA trigger is allowed to reset which is necessary to prevent "short stroking" or the possibility or actually skipping a cylinder. It can happen to pretty much any revolver or semi, but revolvers being the most obvious.

DA trigger control is something one has to work at and being repetitive and deliberate is very important. I do not consider this to be a problem as I allow all my DA triggers to fully reset. It is a bit different than S&W but both will function exactly the same if you do your part.
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Thanks for confirming. I had a feeling this was "normal". I don't have the issue when live firing because I do let the trigger return to full stop. I was dry firing it slowly and noticed it. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois jtmo3 and congratulations on the new K6. How about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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Never ride the trigger return on a DA revolver. My old Detective Special did the same, as does my Model 64.
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