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New K6s w/ night sights trigger issue

First post here. I will say first that this thing shoots clover leaf groups at 7 yds with 357 ammo. It is the most accurate 357 snub nose revolver I have in the stable. At seven yards it shoots to center hold.

Ran into some trigger issues. Trigger locked up but only when shooting 357's. Did not happen with 38's.

I have read other posts here about trigger issues and operator error in not allowing a full reset. However I do not think that was/is the problem. Three other shooters had the same experience with this gun.

The frequency of the problem has diminished. Only one instance in the last 100 rds of 357.

The gun now has about 450 rounds through it.

It has been oiled etc.

I have an RMA # (Customer service in getting RMA # was quick and painless). I am however reluctant to send it off. I think it might be something simple I could detect. So, as another member did, I will call to see if removing the side plate to look for obvious issues will not be a problem should the gun really need to go back.

This is what I know so far:

I hear three clicks during the trigger reset process (dry fire).

If the trigger is pulled after the first click of the trigger reset process you get a hard stop and nothing happens until you release the trigger further. (This was what we were getting when shooting 357 loads even though the trigger had been fully released).

If the trigger is pulled after the second click of the reset process the trigger will pull through and the cylinder will rotate but there will be no hammer engagement (this never happened while shooting the gun).

The last click gets you a full reset but only has another couple thousandths of an inch of travel before the trigger is fully released.

All this being said I imagine this will end up being a minor problem to resolve.

Regardless, my opinion is that Kimber has a winner here with the K6s and I am looking forward to buying a 3".

I shoot a couple of S&W 340PD revolvers regularly and confidently carry one as my backup pocket revolver.

I have no doubt that the K6s will be made right one way or another but thought I would share my experience.

I will provide an update upon further developments.

ETA: I have decided to return the revolver to Kimber so they can have a look. More info when I get it back.

First group out of the box 357's at 7yds.

Second group of 357 at 7 yds.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Wedgie, how about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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Welcome from AL. Thanks for the report. Please keep us informed as to what your outcome is. Great shooting!
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I too am interested in the followup of your possible issue. I understand what you are are saying and I cannot duplicate it with my gun.
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Wedgie, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome to the forum Wedgie! Nice grouping. Good report there are a lot of K6 Owners around here I am sure appreciate the information and and any resolution you come to.

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I was doing some fast shooting, twos and threes, with some .38 range loads and was able to "short stroke" my K6 to the point of skipping a round. I was thinking "did I shoot 6 or only 5 ?....did I feel lucky?..." I feel like it was my fault but it did do it.
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I didn't have problems with my trigger. I'm sorry you have the issues.

I do hope do treat you right.

Those groups are typical of mine, too.

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I am having trigger issues too with my K6 revolver...


I am also having similar issues that you are having.

I purchased my K6 from Cabela's around January of 2017.
This is my first and only Kimber btw.

I have the K6S DCR model. After having the gun for a few months I finally was able to get it to the range and test fire it for the first time since making the purchase. I used 357 Mag. 158 gr. PMC ammo, and much to my surprise while shooting the first six rounds the trigger got stuck after the first two. I was shocked. I thought what did I do wrong here. But after shooting the first six I loaded another round of 6 and the same thing happened to me again. I put it away and later looked at the trigger reset and when dry firing the trigger did not stick. I decided to contact Kimber about this issue, it being a new gun I thought they need to deal with this and I wasn't going to start fooling with it and somehow they say it was my fault. I contacted Kimber and told them about the trigger getting stuck while firing at the range and they told me to send it back to them to look at. They paid for everything in order for me to get it back to them and for them to get the gun back to me. I have had the gun back now for a couple of months I am still having the same issue that I had to begin with, even though they told me that a Kimber gunsmith did change out some components with the trigger. I have tested fired it with PMC, Federal, Hornady, Aguila, and Blazer just today and I am still having issues. Another important aspect to this is that I find that if I take my time between shots it seems to work better, but still sticks sometimes. But it is very apparent that the trigger sticks and will not move to the rear when rapid firing the gun. Needless to say this is a very disappointing experience with my first Kimber. I did read in another thread somewhere that one guy sent his Kimber, different model, to Kimber 3 times! And after that sent it back and demanded a new gun and after waiting awhile got one. So I will be contacting Kimber tomorrow and will for sure keep the advice from that other thread in mind in order to get this issue resolved. This is way too much money to spend on a gun that doesn't work!
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Update on K6s

Ok, here it is:

The revolver made two trips to kimber. The first time around it was returned and said to be in spec. No action talen. They test fired it with buffalo bore ammo and could not replicate the problem.

Upon return the K6s was fired again and the trigger locked up on third shot of first cylinder for me and and also when another experienced shooter fired it (fourth shot).

The revolver was returned to Kimber again.
They got it on the 12th and they shipped it back on the 19th.

This time they replaced the crane screw, side plate screw, barrel, firing pin bushing and firing pin.

They again tested it with 18 rounds of Buffalo Bore 158 gr SJHP .357.

So far the trigger feels great. It is smooth and consistent through all six chambers and the trigger reset feels different.

I have run a box of .38 and a half box of .357 through it and have not experienced any trigger problems.

I will put a couple hundred rounds of .357 through it and report back later.

One note is that point of impact has changed 2" right and 2" low where before it was point of aim (understandable with a new barrel). To me that is a non-issue as it can be easily adjusted.

So far I am pleased.
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