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K 6s failure - ejector Star

Let me preface this by saying I've owned many revolvers and am familiar with their inherently simple operation and reliability, one of the many reasons I choose to carry one.

I bought the K6 a month ago and only had one brief shooting session with it about 50 rounds, I was very impressed with its accuracy and function, I thought it was the best of many revolvers I have owned, Smiths, Rugers, Colts.

My second range session went like this, shoot reload 6, then work on fast reloads with speed loader. I went to speed load the bullets and non would go in the cylinders, what the heck! I initially thought I must have bought the wrong size ammo, so I put my reading glasses on and read the box, .38 special , so I tried to load again, I then saw the problem the star ejector was out of position by about 1/8 of an inch and was seated in each cylinder with its 6 points blocking the cylinder not in its proper position.

I cycled the ejector rod and the star went to proper position. I loaded the gun and it shot fine. I readloaded a few times, using my thumb to eject the shells, apparently my thumb induces a slight twisting motion to the ejector which rotates the star out of position!

There is way too much wiggle in the tolerance of the ejector and star! I went home and looked at all the other revolvers I own and none wiggle more than a few thousands of an inch, and none come close to falling out of position.

I then took a trip to Bass pro who has the K6 In stock and tried one, it too has too much tolerance deviation, not enough to block the cylinders but enough to prevent closing the cylinder.

I know this is a new revolver, its beautiful and shoots sweetly. I don't know if all K6s are this sloppy, but its defiantly NOT a carry gun at this time. I could never trust my life or my family's as reloading is questionable.

I am new to kimber, and was very excited to purchase the K6s. If this problem is in all the revolvers they manufactured then they need to be recalled!

Mine is already going back for repairs.

I broke a firing pin on a SW29 after 20 years of shooting it, and I broke a spring on a Colt once, these maluctions were all stress induced due to many rounds.

The Kimber failed sure to sloppy internal tolerance parts. I'm sure the gun can be fixed, but I encourage you all to rotate your ejection rod and see if it will cause the star to fall out of position.

I hope to receive the gun back soon so I can then take more through examination.
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I never use a speedloader other than to initially load my snubbies for carry. I do carry a speedstrip for topping off.

Reading your post;
If I open the cylinder, push up on the ejector rod, turn it slightly and let it back down, the star does just ever so slightly protrude into the charge holes. The instant I put my speed loader into position it goes right back to normal position. I cannot exactly duplicate your issue preventing me from loading using a HKS speedloader.
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For further clarification, my ejection star rotates so far that it actually pivots the points over and drops down in the adjacent cylinder. in this situation you can't load it with singles, speed strip or speed load. If it was dark or you need corrective glasses trouble shoot, you would probably not be able load the gun, rendering it inoperable. The ejector rod has a flat spot on it to align it, but a bushing or the cylinder hole must be milled wrong on my gun to allow that much slop. I did not take it apart, I just sent iback, hoping that K6s are not like mine.
The Kimber I bought was new a was the only K6 I ever handled.
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I understand. It is obviously a defect. Kimber will make it right.
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What was the conclusion from Kimber on this situation ? I have the same problem. I shoot IDPA & ICORE with mine and it happened once and wasn’t sure what happened but I know now because I think it may be getting worse. Jim.

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It came back from kimber fixed. They did not say much other than changing some screws. It seems pretty good now. The Gun is a shooter. I assume it was missing a bushing or something.
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Glad to hear Kimber CS took care of your K6. Sorry it came off the production line not 100 %.

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