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New (to me) K6s CDP with issues

Hello all
Yesterday I purchased a like new K6s CDP from my local shop. Went to the range today and was surprised and disappointed by the result. The trigger dry fires perfectly but when I fired it the trigger would not not reset. I would execute a controlled squeeze to break, then release the trigger as far as it would release. When I attempted to fire again the trigger would not budge. I would release it again and I could feel a click, then the trigger would function firing the next shot but would not reset again until I attempted to squeeze then release then squeeze again. I did have the range officer fire it also and he had the same issue. Was using Remington HTP .38 Spl 125Gr. SJHP. Anybody have similar issues? Any advice. right now planning to return it to the gunshop.

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I do not own a K6 but sorry to hear you are having issues. Before I went back to the Gun Store I would call Kimber to see if they will give you some help with it. Good luck.
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Sorry you're having problems with your new to you K6. I suggest you try contacting Kimbers Customer service on Tuesday morning before doing anything else. I know it's a used gun but it's worth making the phone call. Trust me, many times they will treat it like it was a new gun you just purchased.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: MF, 9:30 a.m.7 p.m. Eastern
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Thanks for your responses. I went back to the gun store only to be told by some 20 something firearms "expert" that it was normal and I need to learn to fire it with a cadence. Oh, and also it requires 500 rounds to break it in. Never heard of "breaking in a revolver" Obviously triggers get smoother with use but expecting to have to break it in before it functions properly seems outrageous to me.
Fortunately I did send an email to Kimber customer service and they replied promptly on Tuesday. Had me package it up and send to them for evaluation, repair at no cost.

Excellent Customer service is something that makes me a loyal customer.
Will post again when I get it back and have tested it.
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I hope it goes well for you. I am waiting on my K6 to return for the second time for similar issues. I have owned it for a little over a month and had it in hand less than a week.
It is my first Kimber and certainly my last. I have just about decided to get rid of it while I can if it comes back in working order.
I know a lot of folks will not like the opinion but I believe Kimber to be overpriced range guns certainly not something to trust your life to.
It is sad to me that Croatian and Austrian made automatics are infinitely more reliable than an American made revolver.
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I can understand the gun stores speaking about cadence. Some revolvers can get hung up with a incomplete deliberate trigger stroke. It is called short stroking the trigger. I had a Mod 60 snubbie that was very fussy in that respect.
As for breaking in a revolver or semi, they are correct. Modern machining will leave somewhat sharp edges that will smooth with repeated use.
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Again I would have to say that must be a Kimber thing because I have never had any firearm fail to fire because of a break in period. I have had the action smooth out over time but failing to operate IS a manufacturing problem.
Kimber should be producing an above average product considering their self proclaimed best production firearm recording you get when you sit on hold for repair of an NIB weapon. Not to mention that for the price you pay for one it should never leave the factory in an inoperable condition.
Seems to be a rich man's Taurus to me which would be the only other manufacturer that I have ever had a new firearm failure out of. I would have to give them a little more credit though because at least they did refund me the original purchase price which Kimber refused to even consider.
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I received my revolver today and I will pass on my advice for what it is worth. If the gun store will refund your money run don't walk back asap.
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I have only shot 357 Magnums out of mine. I never had cycling issues. I have one from last year.

Id definitely ask Kimber customer service.

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No issues yet with my early-made K6S, save that the front sight is too tall for shooting POA. Shoots very low and that sight needs filing to zero it.

Cycles well with .38 and .357. I carry it with .38+p. I have only had the gun a month and shot 100 rounds but it will get that every month and I will report back.
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