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Originally Posted by Chuck43 View Post
Good to hear jtmo3, it's amazing what a polite conversation with a Kimber customer representative can accomplish.
And I think that's the whole key. Don't call and be short or rude or p'd off and it's amazing what you can actually work out with people. I would hate a cs job like that because 80% of the people calling have a problem and they're not usually happy about it. Again, I have NOT had a bad experience with Kimbers customer service. Every time I've called them, they usually jump through hoops to help out. Just don't be rude!
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OK, so I'm going to take points off of Kimbers cs. I haven't heard anything since my last post about the fp spring so I called them. The cs person (different one) asked their parts manager and he told them that they can't send that part out, they don't have access to it to send out. The only way to get a new spring is to send the gun in. No negotiating with them on that this time. Nice of them to let me know they dropped the ball on what they told me they would do. So, I'm going to take back the nice things I said about kimbers cs. They could of at least let me know they weren't sending me the part they said they would. Guess I'll live with the s&w spring. Chalk one up for why certain manufacturers are preferred over others considering I can't even get a correct spring for this revolver without sending the gun in for a $2 part. Not happy!
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I'll give you a good example of kimber cust support. My kimber target kept losing front fiber tubes. I called and they sent me a pack of tubes. After a second issue I asked if I could by the fixed white dot on other Kimbers noting it was the same height and I didn't want to spend anymore time messing with the tube. They sent me a new white dot sight gratis.
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