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Safariland Speedloader

I received this response to my inquiry as to the availability of the Comp II for the K6s.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to make speedloaders for the Kimber K6s. However, we release new fits often and so I would recommend signing up for email updates. You can do so by going to, Submit your online request and you will begin to receive notifications regarding our new releases. Please let us know if we can assist you further.*

Thank you for your business,*

Safariland Customer Service

Your inquiry:

Are you planning to, or do you now, make the Comp II speedloader for the*
Kimber K6s?*

Thank you for your assistance.
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I received the same reply from Safariland Customer Service a couple of days ago and here was my response to them on 1/3:

Thank you for the reply. That is unfortunate since the next round of revolvers for 2019 is hitting the streets and the gun community is looking for speedloader options for the K6s. I'm sure one of the companies will step up and I believe its a missed opportunity for Safariland. By the way, do you know which speedloader in the revolver community is on everyone's list? It's the one not made any longer, the S.L. Variant from Germany. If Safariland took some time to understand what the community wants or needs the production of a variant replacement model would be one of your best sellers. The Comp II and III have limited options for the multiple ranges of revolvers and with the popularity of revolvers for conceal carry and with women, it's an opportunity to increase sales for your company.
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Sounds pretty dismissive of Safariland. I guess they feel that no one who owns a K6S is interested in purchasing one of their speedloaders. Or, perhaps, there are not enough Kimber revolvers in the public to warrant production. That may change in the future, but it sounds as if there are no plans at all.
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Does Safariland introduce anything new for revolvers lately? Seems like they are living off stuff they developed years ago.

It would be great if someone would step up and produce a Comp II or III like speedloader for the gun.

It's a very viable defensive revolver but could use some speedloader options.
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