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Originally Posted by Albert.Cairns View Post
The loading data says their right around 800 to 900 fps. With the 3.5 to 4.0 grains. I know their only 38 but they recoil light and penetrate deep. No need for more velocity as your not expanding a hollow point. They penetrate all the way through a hog so a clawed critter shouldn't be much of a match for them.
No offense here, but in my opinion, if you shoot a bear with a 148 gr. lead wadcutter you better have a friend behind you with a very large rifle.
Again, in my opinion, a .357 FACTORY LOAD such as the Buffalo Bore you mentioned would be the absolute minimum I would consider. Preferably a large capacity 10mm or 44 mag. revolver being one step better.
If you insist on the .357 I would go with the three inch just for better second shot placement. I would also practice my running skills if it happens to be a large bear.
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We ainít talking Grizzly here we are talking Black Bear huge difference. Black bear isnít going to go all out if hit, itís going the other way in a hurry. Grizzly is gonna eat you while he bleeds. For cougars and black bear a wadcutter is plenty.

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Groo here
The 357 mag [and other mags] have a "step" at somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 inches of barrel where speeds increase greatly..[also at 5 inches]
For critter defense , use a hard cast flat nose to drive deeply and not come apart.
If you are accusted by a bear you will not have much of a chance to shoot
before you hit the ground [ their fast!!] so shooting will be ,,,
Put barrel in eye , ear or under chin and pull trigger repeat till empty or
dead [the bear or you]
chances are the gun will not need to be reloaded as the fight will be
over , one way or the other when the gun runs dry.
For factory I like Underwood,,, hard cast or extreme in 357..
Unless you just cant shoot 357 [ in that case use "Sportsman heavy 38s]
Use the hottest thing you can find ,,you won't feel it if you need it,
and NO HOLLOWPOINTS........................
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