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Originally Posted by Bigdog View Post
Since we've unintentionally hijacked his thread to discuss ammo, I PM'd the OP to ask him how he's doing with Kimber. Hope it's a good news story!
Sent you a reply Bigdog.

Have not got the gun back as yet.

I did get the email that Kimber has it. Mid afternoon today.

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Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
I trust my 2" K6s with my life. It has never failed. I also trust Kimber to make it right. Seems to me if the OP requires 500 rounds before he can trust a gun to carry then that should be the "proof" for the returned gun. If you get it back and it fires 500 trouble free rounds, then I would think faith would be restored.
I trust my K6SA with my life as well. Of course, I used to trust (and still do, as a tackle-box gun) an old production Taurus 85.

As for the K6S, no issues after nearly a year and a about 950 rounds of .38 and 50 of .357, almost all hand loads.

My gun came to me gently used by someone who, like the first owner mentioned in another reply, appears to have shot it no more than a dozen times with .357s and hated it. It is a handful but still accurate with my not-overly-hot Magnum reloads.

I don't trust new production revolvers from Ruger or Smith, FWIW. QC has been too spotty as compared to my vintage S&W 64 or Ruger GP100. Sorry for the OP's troubles, but the Kimber is clearly a better made gun, in most cases. Hope Kimber gives some satisfaction!
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I had no trust issue with the K6 I had, it ran great but just didn't really care for it overall. The useful value vs dollar value didn't add up for me. I found it to be much more valuable as trade than keep. I made about $520.00 trading it.

I can't speak for the new Rugers but my two new Smiths are damn near perfect. My Performance Center 642 is as smooth as glass dipped in butter and is easily minute-of-felon accurate. I found it much better for EDC and shooting. I carry it everyday, everywhere. Add in that with a combo of sale/coupon/rebate I'm into it for $399.00... not bad for a PC tuned model.

I was able to get one of the hard to find 686 5" guns from the limited "3-5-7" special editions. And I've owned many S&W over the years but have seen few that are as beautiful to the eye or better shooters than the 5". Last range trip we were smokin' poker chips at 25 yrds with ease. Both guns have run flawlessly .
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Well I'll lay my cards on the table. I really Like Snubbie Revolvers, but I wouldn't carry one unless I was Jerry Miculek. My EDC is a Glock G26 which is about the same size as a Snubbie, but holds 11rds of 124gn +P
It carries IWD, and is so comfortable that I forget that it's on me. It's been 100% reliable for over 1K Rds. Nuff Said
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Groo here
I did read that the da K6's had a TI firing pin that could break
under dry firing.
The hammer guns don't...Fixed with steel...
Another problem caused by the Kalafornia drop test as S&W has had fail to fire with some revolvers too.
Fixed with a longer pin...
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Originally Posted by Groo01 View Post
Groo here
I did read that the da K6's had a TI firing pin that could break
under dry firing.
The hammer guns don't...Fixed with steel...
Another problem caused by the Kalafornia drop test as S&W has had fail to fire with some revolvers too.
Fixed with a longer pin...
My 2" K6S now appears to be fixed, maybe.....?

I have now put approximately 750 (30 percentish? 125/132/158 gr) rounds of 357 Mag through it since Kimber replaced what appears to be everything to do with the firing pin/striker assembly.

I also put a Pachmayr J frame Diamond Pro grip on it. Had to mommick (downeast NC terminology) with the grip some as it did not fit as high up on the backstrap as I would like for my grasp to be. Also put a stiff cushioning between the grip and the top of the back strap to absorb recoil better. That is all mostly successful.

Now I can shoot most 357 magnum rounds through it without inflicting discomfort on the web of my forefinger/thumb. Got to do another 250-300 rounds of hard 357 mag through it to prove it out. I have done 75 rounds contiguously of 125 gr Precision One 357 mag (1425 fps) without having to go back to 38 special after a cylinder or two.

Still do not know for sure if I will trust it for carry even if as back up to a semi.

A couple of days ago, after adjusting the rear sight a tad, I shot it at 8 yards and it was a little low (1") but dead center under the center (aim point) of target. I think that is me but gonna shoot it some more. 10 yards will probably be my maximum distance, but at my home range I can probably get 20 ish yards so maybe I will try that,

The gun is now more accurate with 38 and 357 because the grip fits my hand better.

At one point I was about to take a sledge hammer to the gun. But I wanted to like it and use it for what it says on the side of the barrel..."357 Magnum". So I kept at it. Until recently it was just an overly expensive 38 special that I was ashamed to have ever purchased. Have no other 357 mag capable revolvers that have had any problems...even my 2.25 inch SP101 was able to fire 357 magnum comfortably from the git go.

The K6S met the criterion of 6 rounds and small enough and light enough to carry easily in my pocket. The SP101 is small enough also. But the K6S has been a chore that it should not be.

Kimber had the right idea on the K6S, but did not fully execute what should justify the cost. Broken striker early on (I dry fired only a couple times at the LGS to feel the trigger and then snap caps after purchased), horrible grip for full load 357 magnum.

The saga...lol... is close to an end and I hope to have it in my pocket in a month or so. In another year or so I may be coming back to tell you all what a great gun it is....another LOL.

I usually try to find good in things. Having shot the K6S and my SP101 almost exclusively the last couple of months my semi-auto shooting has improved. I think the constant trigger pull snap cap firing and re-evaluating my grip strength (been working on that) and grasp has helped me improve my over all shooting. Oh, and the ammo manufacturers have seen their sales increase drastically.

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