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Old 07-16-2019, 12:54 PM   #1
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K6s SA/DA shoots very low

Don't if I'm the only one having this issue but with standard or +P ammo the gun shoots about 6" low at 13 yards using my range bag as a rest. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong. Need some advice. Thanks
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You might want to contact Kimber and see if they have a Shorter front sight. The sight is pinned in and should be easy to change.
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Have someone else shoot to see what happens. Maybe a form thing. might be worth a try.
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How about trying a boresighter ?
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I'm having a similar issue. Got mine with 3 dot sights and everything was fine. Then I got the kimber fiber optic sight and I'm shooting about 2 inches low at 7 yard. I tried man different kinds of ammo. All shoot low. I had other people shoot it, one guy from a rest. All shot low. I sent the gun to kimber who sent it back with a poorly shot group from their "expert" tester. Kimber says the sights are within spec and they can do nothing for me.
Long story short. I measure both pair of sights and found a difference of almost .5 degrees between front and rear sight, translating to a 1.86 inch difference at 7 yards. Kimber still maintains that it is the shooters problem...all 8 of us flinch exactly the same way and consistently with every shot...
Thanks for nothing kimber.
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Old 07-17-2019, 11:16 PM   #6
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Heavier ammo should raise the point of impact.
Some have said Magnum ammo shoots higher. I don't know, I only use 38 SPL.

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Old 07-23-2019, 07:58 AM   #7
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I was shooting low with my early-production K6S, 2" barrel. .38, +p, .357: all very low even at very short ranges. Barrel was straight.

I doubt it's flinching, though I do test for my own flinch by filling half the cylinders with empties, spinning the cylinder, closing, and shooting. When I get a bit tired, a flinch shows right up when triggering an empty round. I also am training myself for center and not six-o-clock hold. The groups center better and I'm now practicing with plain white paper plates, on the theory that a bull actually hurts accuracy. In SD shooting, no burglar or thug wears a bull at center of mass, anyhow.

OP might try other ammo in the caliber to be used regularly, then go the Elmer Keith route and grab a file. Filing down my gun's overly tall front ramp did the trick. I took off a bit of metal, shot, repeated, shot again. Now it consistently shoots to POA at the ranges for which I train with this pocket gun.

FWIW, every other revolver I own shoots to POA: Ruger, Smith, even Taurus 85 tackle-box gun. Grant Cunningham did great work with the K6S, but he must have left the building when they designed the sights.
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Groo here
If you shoot from a bench, DO NOT allow the butt of the gun hit the bench!!!!!!!!
This will cause all types of troubles........
Shoot free hand and see if the shots hit differently.
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Old 08-06-2019, 02:38 PM   #9
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Its sighted for 158gr. .357 mag at 15 yrds. According to kimber. The fiber-optic variant has a lower rear sight and has much more lower impact. Its not just you, if you want to shoot 38s out of a 357 your gonna have to make some changes. Just as those that shoot .22 short from a rifle that says .22lr on the barrel. Or kinda like shooting .223 different impact than 5.56 nato round.
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Old 08-07-2019, 03:10 PM   #10
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Not that I like changing my sight picture, but I have found an acceptable alternative for shooting my K6S. I align the sights so that the front dot is at the top of the rear notch. Looks like a pyramid. So far, so good, at most common distances...10yd to 30yd. POI=POA.
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