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UNDERWOOD Hard Cast Ammo

I own a Kimber K6s 3" Stainless .
Has anyone run UNDERWOOD 357 Magnum Hard Cast 180 grain Lead Flat Nose ammo thru their K6s 3" ?
I could not get an definitive answer from Kimber Customer Service on , if or how , the K6s 3" would handle a 180 grain HARD CAST bullet.
In my neck of the woods we have a serious Black Bear problem .
I would like to make my K6s 3" , my hiking revolver.
Underwood Hard Cast is a round I can trust to deal with Dangerous Game of the four leg variety .
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Can't answer your question, don't own a K6.
I recommend making certain your K6S is functioning at 100% and completely reliable, before using it for black bear protection or any other protection for that matter. If you haven't already done that.
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UNDERWOOD Hard Cast Ammo

Plenty of reviews online through the Sp101. Im sure the Kimber will handle it but again, whats the reliability of the K6s with that ammo? I would prefer those in a GP100 with a 4 barrel for Bear.

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I bought my K6S for the same reason. Curious to learn about the 180 grain. Never fired 180 grain before. Rare to even see it in stores around here.

How big of a difference will 180 be over 158 or 130? Well I guess with a black bear every little advantage helps.
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My K6s 3" Stainless has been 100% reliable at the range .
With 600 rds fired , a mix of 6 different brands with some FMJ and some JHP in the standard grains for range practice and defensive use .
I have carried Ruger GP-100's in 357 since 1985 and Ruger SP101's in 357 since 1988 and this K6s has converted me over to Kimber revolvers ( so far lol )
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Groo here
I have shot some 180gr sjhp Remington with no problems...
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We have black bear running through town, almost every year, and happily no major problems. Some are about 700 pounds, as they are dumpster, and trash can fed. Late at night, I have walked about twenty five feet from one, that I did not know was there, until the next morning. Most are sows with cubs, so I wonder, when I will meet one face to face. I expect that the 180 gr load should be sufficient.
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I just copied this post from another forum, and this is about brown bear, not a black.
Posting it just for interesting information.

I think a .357 would just P**S a bear off.

Oddly, my friend and neighbor just got back from a fly fishing trip in AK. Lots of bear encounters. The guide had a .500 S&W and said he hopes to never use it because he "felt undergunned".

I'm an acquaintance with former guide (fishing/bear) in AK. He told of an account of three (3) guys camping on a fishing trip. After a few days, they were reported missing. So a group of guides went looking for them. And they found what was left. All three (3) were mauled and mostly eaten. Next to one of the bodies was a Model 19 .357, with six empty cases in the cylinder.

Five (5) years later, the guide had a guest shoot a brown. When they skinned it, they found five (5) .357 magnum bullets in the neck area. The bear killed the campers, absorbed five (5) .357's to the neck and not only survived, but thrived for several years - until he met a .300 Win Mag to the heart-lungs.

If I was really concerned about bears, the least I would carry in a pistol would be a .460 or .500 - and I'm still not, at all, thinking - for a second - either would be fully adequate. End quote.
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Always and interesting topic, I read a few years ago of a fishing guide the killed an aggressive Grizzly with a Smith 9mm. Even had pics of him with the dead bear. But he was using Buffalo Bore hard cast, which makes a gigantic penetration difference.

I am in no way advocating 9mms for Grizzlies, I just find it interesting at the different outcomes. I would suspect the .357 mentioned above was using some sort of soft points, but neither 357s or 9mms are Grizzly medicine.
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Ha that must have been one pissed off bear!
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