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Range Report New K6s NS & Comparison with LCR.357

The FFL I use is a master gunsmith. I had him check the gun over before I picked it up. He test fired six rounds and checked out the specs. All good except the trigger pull was "rough" like catching in two spots as it is slowly pulled back. I dryfired the gun with Tipton snap caps and it didn't seem like a bad trigger pull to me. I dry fired the gun with snap caps a bit at home before going to the range. At the range I shot both my Ruger LCR .357 and the Kimber to determine POA/POI and grouping with various ammo. The distance was 7 yds and for testing purposes my forarms were rested on the bench/table. I tested Speer Gold Dot .357 135 gr short barrel, Speer Gold Dot .38+P 135 gr short barrel, range grade ammo .38 158 gr and 125 gr. It became obvious that the gunsmith was correct regarding the rough trigger. I was pressing slowly trying to make accurate shots for the test. Sometimes it felt like the trigger would bind up. The LCR trigger was far superior and easy to shoot. The Ruger shot the SGD .357 a little better than the SGD .38+P and the Kimber shot the SGD .38+P better than the .357. This may be unique to these two specific guns. A different Kimber and LCR could have the opposite results. The Kimber shot the SGD, both .38+P and .357 2.5 inches low and the range ammo, both the 125 gr and 158 gr, 3.5 inches low at 7 yards. The LCR shot the SGD about 1.5 inches low at 7 yds-both the .38+P and .357. Dead on as to elevation with the 158 gr and really low with the 125 gr-3.5 inches. The good news is both guns windage was very good. I then shot off hand at 7 to include one handed at 7 yds and 15 yds at a 8" paper plate and the Kimber did very well. This was with the 158 gr range ammo. The LCR had one flyer and I suspect larger groups, difficult to tell, but the LCR hates that particular 158 gr round and does well with the 125 gr round. I just called Kimber and spoke with Erik(c) to set up a ticket to check out the trigger and see if they can/will do anything regarding the shooting low but I don't know how that can be "fixed" as Kimber doesn't have front sights of various heights. I suppose I could get a white dot front sight and file it down a bit. But the Kimber certainly kilt the evil paper plate at 15 yds that was treating me. Certainly accurate enough for SD purposes. But for the money I paid I want a much better trigger than I have. I assume Kimber will fix the trigger. Conclusions:
1. I didn't fully realize how great a gun the LCR .357 is
2. I think the K6s will be super snubbie accurate with a better trigger.
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