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Iron sights ?

Some Kimber of Oregon guns had sights. The current pistols have sights. The "Dangerous Game" rifles have sights.

Why can't I have sights on my 84M Select in 7-08 ?
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Are you directing this question to anyone in particular? I'm thinking we don't have an answer for you.
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Anyone who might have an answer.

Looking back on the Kimber site, under their FAQ, it says "no custom rifles and no left-hand rifles" - so I think that is the "answer".

I was half way hoping to hear from someone, "I thought the same thing, and when I couldn't get Kimber to bite, and sent the firearm to ______ in _____ and for $______ they did a great job, and now I have iron sights on my beloved Kimber rifle."
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I always advised clients/hunters to bring a spare-back-up scope on a guided Alaskan hunt. And both primary and back-up mounted with QR rings.
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Work with what you have

Yeah unfortunately I to agree with buddy here. In your case, you might have to just bring a back up scope. I'm not a big fan but better than not having one. Or try looking into 'custom' scopes. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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